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  1. Propably too late but i can translate to Finnish.
  2. Do you have event system game object in scene, and check if there is ANYTHING in top of ui that is raycast target.
  3. So i made this youtube channel where i upload stuff about games i am making and other stuff. Currently i am making zombie survival game.
  4. Hello. I need some help with inventory. It would be list that has many panels with each item image, name and amount on it. It should be like every item need little bit of space and you could get more space by equiping backpack It would be like 2 items per row. I am not sure how i make them be placed automaticly on their places ( like slot 1,1 1,2 2,1 2,2 3,1 3,2 ) it should show only items you have (list for every name, space they need, amount, picture, type and id) also it should have filtering system that shows for example material type items when you click at show materials button. I know it might be not simple but it would help a lot if someone tells how it would work.
  5. Download and insert to project. Idk how to script it but there are some tutorials.
  6. Free Login Window. It should have animations when you click at field. Special is for promo codes like "y8BeQ" Or something This is uploaded as prefab. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/edvl2yi17u6ec6r/LoginUI.rar
  7. Lol i cannot see photos. it says "Is this your photo? please upgrade your photobucket account to enable 3rd party hosting"
  8. Doesnt work on me. and when i disable and put back it works but it lags much ( shows normal position of camera and that maximum sway but not middle of it )
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