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  1. Thank you thank you so much sir thanks a lot
  2. I pasted your code in new js but none of the objects are accepting it
  3. Thanks a lot sir I will check and tell it to you
  4. Ya sir I have tested it out works perfectly :). But cant we use it with current transparent wheels? All the rings are attached to each other. Plz tell the new method
  5. hi sir, i am new to unity an dont know much scripting. I was searching for this weapon wheeel everywhere finally found it here thanks for this . But the problem is that i dont know how to set it up in unity. If you can make a video or give me a doc so that i can understand it easily. And also something like this in unity adding to an existing project plzz help me sir. If you give positive reply then I think it will also some more noobies like me
  6. hey ocular cash its been 2 years since you last replied are you there? I wanna ask you something
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