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  1. Yes Im instantiating it in muzzle, and moving the recoil transform so that my bullets are spreaded. My question is how to go with animation? Do I do full animation with moving weapon? or just the weapons trigger being clicked and the top part sliding, so that the actual gun movement is handled in code ? Please
  2. I will post a video if you want to see what I ve got till now
  3. Ok, I will say my question correctly. What I want is to make my bullets follow the muzzle, I already achieved it, I am manually moving the gun (spread) and the bullets are instantiated in correct place, I used simple cube as a placeholder for a gun. Now I want to bring real gun model with set of animations. The problem is how to go with shooting animation ? If my gun is moving around already when I am shooting why do I have to add shooting animation clip ? So can I make the shooting animation just pulling the trigger, sliding the top part, without moving the gun (it will stay still) so that in unity when i will play the shooting animation it will sync with my recoil (scripted)? Sorry for my bad english though. Guys please help I'm really stuck. UnityGamesRoland OcularCash
  4. Yes when raycasting, you must always cast it from center of your camera, even Cs go does the same, but I don't know why @OcularCash is saying that you must raycast from muzzle... strange actually. maybe he didn't understand my question.w
  5. I'm really stuck right now, something is wrong... I have watched official unity tutorial and they also use raycast from camera.... can you show me one project ? where they use raycast from muzzle...
  6. But why everyone are casting ray from center of the screen not from the muzzle? All of the tutorials, rly i never seen person casting a ray from muzzle, always from cameras center. Mandellas effect ?))
  7. No my accuracy is not based on animation. I do it manually in code using the accuracy transform and moving that based on variables. What I want is to make projectiles follow the muzzle which I did already but how to handle animations cause if i do shooting animation my muzzle pos will change in animation also which i don't want. Here I've got inspiration. https://mickboereportfolio.com/dynamic-weapon-system/. I am making it realistic so that you shoot from muzzle not from center of your screen like raycast.
  8. Hi all, I have a simple question. Normally when you make fps animations for raycast based shooting you create the next set of animations - (draw, idle, shoot, reload, etc). You do the shoot animation also because the shooting and spread is handled with raycast, but what to do if shooting is projectile based and the to make spread you move the gun it self not the ray position ? If I will do it in animation my bullet will follow the animations position which I don't want because my spreading is handled in the code where I manually rotate the gun and move. So how to go with it ? Do I have to create only trigger pull and sliding for shooting animation without the moving the gun itself? Any suggestions plz im stuck
  9. I am actually going away from this specific classes like Rifle, Shotgun. What I've got till now is FireMode component, ShootProjectile component, and just want to add up a reload component so that it will work for all of the weapon kinds not only specific weapons because that way it will be not flexible + code duplication. Any other suggestions ?
  10. Hi everyone, I am stuck with a problem or better say if my approach will be good or not. So I am developing an fps shooter (learning to create ). I have got a component based weapon system inspired by Mick Boere https://mickboereportfolio.com/dynamic-weapon-system/. Now I'm adding a reloading component to my system and want to make it so that it fits any weapon type for example if you have a normal assault rifle it would just reload whole magazine, if you have shotgun then you reload one by one every shell like in counter strike. So what my thinking is to create an enum which will hold ReloadType { Magazine, Shotgun }. And inside reload function check the type and do calculation based off that. My question is it good approach or is there more flexible (better) way of achieving this ? Thanx P.S sry for my broke english .
  11. Hello everyone, first of all sorry for my english. Recently I have started creating an fps shooter game. Till now I have got a pretty good weapon handling, damaging system, but I don't know how to handle the 3rd person view (enemy view). Now I have got only an animated fps weapon with arms only, but how to make so that you can view other players full body ? And how do you sync your first person animations with third person view ?. I want exactly the counter strikes mechanics. Any suggestions ?
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