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  1. Need this 3D model!

    Can anyone convert michael house from GTA V to obj format?
  2. GTA project Android

    Can you give a link to the apk file?
  3. 3rd Person Touch Control for mobile!

    Alright lets leave the animation part. Can you tell me how can I set the camera in 3rd person view?
  4. 3rd Person Touch Control for mobile!

    How can I put the controls of the third script in my own model instead of the cylindrical shape and play walking animation while using the joystick?
  5. GTA project Android

    Cool, any links available for this projet?
  6. I need an asset like this https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/27695 to work on mobile for free, searched in the unity store but couldn't find a free one. Only third person touch controls is needed. P.S.: I am zero at coding.