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  1. You could look up free tutorials on the Unity website. I know geckoo already mentioned those, but I hope you'll consider those a good starting point. After that, you could look up some really good tutorials on Udemy . I'm currently enjoying a really good course (Build 43 Models & a 3D Runner Game in Unity® with C# Code) that takes you through the implementation of fundamental game mechanics such as collecting pickups and jumping. It also provides you with plenty of practice making art assets for the project in the free 3D modeling software known as Blender(you're also given the art assets for free in case you don't want to make art and only want to focus on game programming). Udemy also has courses on more advanced topic such as networking, artificial intelligence and pathfinding in Unity 5, and specific projects like RPGs and First Person shooter. I must sound like a commercial now, but believe me, Udemy's a great place to take your game development to the next level. You get as much out of it as you put into it. Here are some links to check out 2D games: Build a 2D CastleMania Horror Unity® Game with Sound Effects Code in C# and Design a Full Unity® Game: 2D Netroid Shooter Master Unity By Building 6 Fully Featured Games From Scratch — (It was from this course that learned how to publish on the Google Play store) check out Mr. Bird's Winter flight. It's not my proudest work, but publishing made me feel like I finally had something to show for the time I've spent fiddling with Unity, like I've finally made it past a threshold. 3D games: 28 Low Poly Models and a Unity® Game - Complete 3D Developer Make a Multiplayer Shooter in Unity Programming Focused Tutorials: How to Program Voxel Worlds Like Minecraft with C# in Unity Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg It takes time and practice to finally get to where you want to be, but if you power through, you're sure to make it. God bless/Good luck. Whichever you prefer, and don't give up!!!
  2. Thanks, but there are still some mysteries that I can't figure out. You seem to imply that lerping isn't involved in any way but in Dying Light, the character is swept across the rope's distance quickly. They don't swing across; however, they do swing in Far Cry Primal, and the player is allowed to choose when to climb, descend, detach, and even swing voluntarily across the rope using the controls. Within the context of Unity 5 or Unity 2017, if Dying light isn't Lerping from point A to point B, then how is it being done? I can imagine that the makers of Dying Light at least have there own in-engine method to move quickly between two points. does anyone have any idea how Unity would implement such a mechanic? I was thinking that a developer could have individual pieces attached by HingeJoints as nodes along a rope that would be prefabbed and Instantiated/Destroyed dynamically as the player traverses the rope but if anybody has any objection please comment. Is that even that way it's done? Also, how is the rope made to whip around in the air so naturally? I'm really interested in knowing how Unity could do that! I can't make any sense of it.
  3. Hi everybody, I've seen that in games like Far Cry Primal and Dying Light, grappling hooks are used as a very fun feature to enrich open world traversal. As a hobbyist game developer and programmer, I've been wondering how the effect is produced. I have seen some tutorials online and read some stuff about it, but none of it works as a satisfying answer. They're too simplified due to limited resources; so, I'm hoping this question will start a discussion on the topic of AAA level grappling hooks. Please give me your input with the premise that you have an efficient workflow, and all the artistic talent and technical background necessary to produce a high quality grappling hook. Is it a camera effect? Does it involve the Line Renderer or Raycasting or Triggers? A combination of these? How would Lerping be used? How would Unity's Joint components be involved here? I understand that the arm swing of the character would be animated in a program like Blender/3DSMax/Maya, but how is the hook's motion synchronized? How is the rope made to grow across distances? There are probably things I'm not even considered that are probably crucial to the implementation of a good grappling hook. I hope someone can shed some light on this. !!!Let's talk about grappling hooks!!!
  4. Hi there ChaosChampion! Maybe we could tackle a car game project together over GitHub & Unity . Do you have an account and experience using GitHub?
  5. The semester will soon be over; so, if anybody wants to get a project going, I'm up for it!
  6. Hi there Calum! As a full time student, I'm a pretty busy person myself. I'm currently working on my bachelor's; so, I rarely get free time to work on game development as much as I'd like. Sometimes it feels like these classes are just holding me back and making me work on just about every other aspect of programming except games. I've done most of my learning on Udemy, but while going full time, even that has been put on hold. Tell me more about your experience in game development and what you hope to get out of it. I would personally like to work in a reputable game studio like Blizzard or NaughtyDog but currently, I'm working on making a game independently. I joined Armed Unity hoping to find team members.
  7. Hi there, I'm a computer science major and an aspiring game developer who was first introduced to Unity 4.5 in 2014 while studying for an associates in game programming. Since I started, I've been learning from online tutorials and books. Most of my learning was focused on 2D development when I started, but my interests lie in 3D game dev which is the first kind of game I would like to produce (not that I'm against 2D if anyone wants to ask me to join). My Experience Put simply, I would call myself an advanced beginner user in Unity. I have experience creating my own basic character controllers (including a 3d flight controller), object pools, a destructible wall generator (it was very taxing on the frame rate), camera scripts, and programming animated characters. I've also played around with Unity's multiplayer setup to create a top down pvp shooter(Unity's setup tutorial). Aside from that, I have also completed Building an FPS Game with Unity by John P. Doran to create an FPS using the UFPS camera controller and Tactical Shooter AI after building a level using ProBuilder. Right now, I'm watching a trading card battle game tutorial on Udemy.com and plan on diving into AI, shader programming, 3D modeling in Blender(I'd use Maya but it's not free), and custom editor creation. I think that pretty much sums up my journey thus far, and myself in regards to game dev. I hope to find someone that might wanna team up with me and make a game. Any thoughts, recommendations, or critique?
  8. Hi there WizardZombie1! I would recommend looking up courses on www.udemy.com. It's a paid source, but the account is free, and courses are paid for once and kept forever. Some examples: https://www.udemy.com/build-the-legend-of-zenda-game-in-unity3d-and-blender/ https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-game-development-with-unity/ https://www.udemy.com/unityrpg/ https://www.udemy.com/make-a-portals-clone-in-unity3d-and-blender-from-scratch/ https://www.udemy.com/learn-to-code-trading-card-game-battle-system-with-unity-3d/ https://www.udemy.com/pathfinding-in-unity/ https://www.udemy.com/create-a-game-environment-with-blender-and-unity/ Learning game development requires a lot of practice. Work hard and good luck!
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