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  1. man98

    unity 4.0.1

    ur ryt... sorry
  2. man98

    unity 4.0.1

    hey.. guys, can somebody help me with this ? i'm using 4.0.1 and my prob is... once i put the fps basic model, and i run it... it automatically goes up, how to fix this ??
  3. Assets/Resources/Scripts/PauseMenuScript.js(244,29): BCW0012: WARNING: 'UnityEngine.QualitySettings.currentLevel' is obsolete. Use GetQualityLevel and SetQualityLevel ??
  4. man98

    proper texturing

    any body can help ... on how to put the texture properly ?? for ex. the arm mesh,, the texture is not in the proper position ... tnx for the help !
  5. man98


    hmmm....that not the only problem,, cause the scrpts the texture the materials in the heirarchy are all gone,, and if i wanted that to fix i will put it all manually ??
  6. man98


    wat em i gonno do ? to fix the fpskit that i want to import ... cause ... when im importing some kit , like the FPSkit that OMA made, and deatrokerz ... theres no object show in the game scene and in the editor scene ... all the object are like pink plane, lifeless objects... its like, there's no materials in each object,, what is the problem of this ?? the engine ? or the kit ?? any help will be appreciated ...
  7. btw,.. Master ... BIG THNX YOW ! ^^
  8. NSIS error ... thats the problem ,, always...
  9. Couldn't call method Postprocess because the method Postprocess couldn't be found.
  10. i need a link for unity 3.5 installer please...
  11. man98


    How can i set the get and set quality level ?? the console says that my engine is obsolete ...
  12. man98


    can any body teach me on how to make gun recoil ?
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