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  1. I want to get into development back again, I don't want to get any of my games into the market. But I still have this question:

    Do you really need to pay or at least, talk to the weapon manufacturer so they allow you to put their trademarked weapons into your commercial game?

    For example, i've made an HK Usp 45. for a paid game, so the producer, or any developer of the team has to contact HK so they allow the team to share the game without any possible lawsuit?

    I have this question because you have to do this for licensed cars(Toyota doesn't want to appear in games anymore, so no more Toyotas in games) and since cars are trademarked, weapons too.

  2. I am nostalgic, so... let's talk about our past, when we started with Unity, what did you guys do?(from a (game?), modelling and scripting perspective)

    This will be bad to say, but at my start, i had like 9 years when i started with Unity 4(2015) because spanish game developers(who are youtubers, too) said Unity 5 was bad because they changed scripting

    I made an "FPS" really bad that you could fire 60 bullets a second thanks to a guy which had a tutorial playlist(ON HOW TO DO A COD-LIKE GAME IN UNITY 10/10 TITLE)

    Then i made other bad proyects until i forced myself on learning coding in winter 2017.

  3. I don't really need the code itself, i just need the logic.

    How do i make that the raycast not only hits an object, but the object behind it. Like penetration?

    And no, i don't use the proyectiles way, I use raycasts.

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