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  1. Assertion: should not be reached bug

    Then it's a Unity error, maybe something crashed inside Unity during the process of reimporting If you see the error, it says "mono" maybe you need to install Mono.
  2. Assertion: should not be reached bug

    Did you click on the error to see what causes it?
  3. Unity3D - "Generic" FPS - Update 2

    Update 2 coming. I've also changed the arms tho
  4. Free Maya texture request ?

    Search "Sandstone texture" and scroll down a bit.
  5. Multiplayer FPS Update #5

    Seems good. Are models and animations placeholders? other than that, great job coding.
  6. Unity3D - "Generic" FPS - Update 2

    Guys, would you like that if i use a RPG and the rocket explodes near the player, it will transform to a ragdoll and fly but not die?
  7. Unity3D - "Generic" FPS - Update 2

    Working on a new Weapon!
  8. Bullet Penetration

    I don't really need the code itself, i just need the logic. How do i make that the raycast not only hits an object, but the object behind it. Like penetration? And no, i don't use the proyectiles way, I use raycasts.
  9. Unity3D - "Generic" FPS - Update 2

    Thanks. I attached it as "generic" because i have no clue where to go. I mean, I can make this as a multiplayer fps or just as a zombie shooter(since i worked with Unity AI before)
  10. Unity3D - "Generic" FPS - Update 2

    I think doing the stuff it's sometimes faster than downloading it.
  11. Unity3D - "Generic" FPS - Update 2

    Thank you. I'm also impressed that somebody like you would like my animations.
  12. UPDATE 2 RELEASED, THANK YOU GUYS. CHANGELOG -4 New weapons(Taurus .889, UMP-45,RPG-7, SCAR-L) -UI -Simple AI -Blood Screen -Viewpunch(shake when there's recoil) -Post Process. About This is an FPS game(With no particular name) that i have been working like a month. Everything you see here is completely made from scratch(Except for crosshair and zombie model) by a guy which is 12 y/o. Using blender, Gimp. It started as a low poly fps at first. Yes, the models and textures aren't really good, even the animations are bad. What do you think? Feedback is appreciated. VIDEO(Newest Update) Working On: Score Wave System Grenades Maps 2 new weapons for now(Double barrel Shotgun & Crossbow)
  13. How to do it? grenade

    As geckoo said, you can use that to make a grenade. I will give you the guide using that(except the WaitForSeconds) First, frag grenade: make a bool that checks the player gets the key down. Make a float which is the delay and a timer that equals the delay at the start. if it gets the key down, the countdown goes down to 0(by seconds). if the countdown goes to 0. Instantiate the object(grenade) and in the frag grenade, make a script which will have also a delay(5 seconds, for example) if it goes to 0, then Instantiate an explosion. Use the sphereCast to catch the rigidbodies in the area, or the players to damage them(or both). For rigidbodies, use rigidbodies.AddExplosionForce(force); Smoke grenade: Use the same steps, but instead of an explosion and SphereCast, use a smoke particle and for details, make a trigger inside the smoke that if the player is near, the screen fades to gray. Sorry if my English is bad, or my explanation is bad.
  14. Raycast Ignores skyBox

    Found it! the "animation" function ONLY will happen IF the ray instantiates. Thanks, btw.
  15. Raycast Ignores skyBox

    Hi, and thanks for your answer, when i shoot to the sky, the Fire animation starts to bug(and the Muzzle Flash). I found a "Solution" that could be create a 3d model that simulates the sky. And i want the Player to shoot the sky for some gameplay purposes, like if an enemy is on an exposed structure(a roof, example) it will just look buggy. And, the last sentence, no, because i will make triggers, but if there's a way to say that ray ignores ONLY triggers(without "return;").