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  1. Thank you! Check out my new survival shooter Elite Force.
  2. I realized that after uploading the videos, but it's okay thought because nobody has to watch the updates if they want to play the game. I am updating the game every month or so and I have fixed many issues and bugs. Unfortunately, at the moment, this is the full game. If my company grows some day, I might take on this project again, but my company will be focusing on other games soon.
  3. What is Elite Force? Complete with multiple weapons, engaging enemies, and a full upgrade system, Elite Force is an action packed Sci-Fi shooter created just for you! Where does Elite Force take place? In the future, the earth has been invaded by a aggressive alien race known as The Disrupters. We had no choice but to flea earth and search for new systems that could sustain life. Fortunately, we were successful and began building colonies on multiple systems. All was well until the Disruptors returned and attacked our mining facilities and residential areas. Our new military formed an elite group of agents called the S.D.E.F’s to protect our galaxy from the most vicious attacks. They are looking for a new soldier to join their forces…that’s where you come in. Coming this summer! Elite Force will be a Free-To-Play First Person Shooter but if you would like to support the development of future Indie Games, you can support us by giving a generous donation. When you download the game, you will be asked how much you would like to pay for the game. You can pay as much or as little as you want and the game is yours! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Our latest game-play footage: ________________________________________________________________________________________ DETAILS: Currently, Elite Force contains one mission which should last you a few hours if you complete all challenges and unlock all locked upgrades. There will be two more missions released as DLC in the future, each with more content, more difficulty, and more engaging game-play! You can download the game for FREE or provide a generous donation with your download if you would like to support Indie Development. DOWNLOAD HERE: Download link coming soon! Subscribe to our News-letter to be notified of the release date on our website.
  4. New Update will be posted very soon! Here is the update log: January 1st Update: Version 1.3.0 Changes: New Pistol Model and Animation New Reloading Sound New Trigger Sequences New Voice Acting Opening cut scene improved New music Blood Splat Textures Bug Fixes: Left & Right panning sounds fixed when firing Boxes no longer fly across the map on lower end computers
  5. Woohow looks very nice,you work alone on it or what? + how you get the models/map and voices? and if you used any scripts from online (open source or something) then please redirect me to the models greetings Majestic. 10/10 for your work! Thank you! I'm glad you like the game. I modified the kit made by OneManArmy3D, but the models are either from TurboSquid, or custom made. The guns in the kit are from this site though: http://www.turbosquid.com/index.cfm. Other models such as the Shot gun, and a few rooms are modeled by http://www.youtube.com/user/yurispheoni ... sults_main. The voice acting was all done by a few others and I but all custom for this game. Some of the scripts I made myself, but all that is included in the kit is free! Hope that answer's your questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to post them here!
  6. No, it's a Machine Gun, and a Pistol. I can't pick up any weapon.
  7. I'm having an odd issue. I have been working with the kit a lot, but nothing in the code that would make this issue appear. When I look at a weapon, it gives me the "weapon already equipped" text. I'm holding a pistol, I'm not holding a shot gun. Does anyone else have this issue? Any help would be appreciated! Regards, Jediaction
  8. Thank you. Check out my website for my other work!
  9. That script doesn't work with the camera. I've tried it, it doesn't rotate though, it just moves. It's great, but I don't know how to get the camera working.
  10. This is very cool. Good work!
  11. New Update! September 27th Update: Version 1.2.6 Changes: New Walking Sounds Minor Sound tweaks New zombie placement New music Bug Fixes: All Lightning Glitches Fixed
  12. New Version! Annoying issues resolved... September 26th Update: Version 1.2.5 Changes: Weapons now auto reload Bug Fixes: Lighting glitches fixed You no longer lose the weapon you were previously holding when picking up a new weapon
  13. Update 1.2.0 is out! September 6th Update: Version 1.2.0 Changes: Pistol now has burst fire mode. Press Z to switch Minor scenery changes. Mainly for detail Removed mute audio button from menu New Voice Acting Some textures updatec Bug Fixes: Sound Delays Fixed _____________________________________________
  14. OneManArmy, the link is not working for the video. What am I doing wrong?
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