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  1. dual boot is much better. You run one OS at a time, so it eliminates that lag you experience, for example in the project view.
  2. it depends for everything. everything varies in complexity and required detail, and therefore has diffrent limits. For example, a high poly gun is easily over 10,000, more like in the hundreds of thousands, but low poly is 5,000. A knife is much less complex, and may be 1000 polys at low poly stage or less. Characters are much more complex and require more screen space. Therefore a low poly character can easily be 10,000 to 15,000. If I recall, some games hold whats in the players eyes so important that its 30,000 polys. However this is current gen. Next gen I believe is around 40,000 per character. So each model has its own limits.
  3. @matheusfig1: He did say: I don't believe it was intentional theft of your work, but just not specific enough referencing. @Epic-Shot: Please try to do a bit more effort to reference who created it. If you truly can't find out then say so and someone who does know will probably tell you so everyone knows. If no one tells you then at least you tried, so it's ok.
  4. u must do it that way. the texture is proderally generated and assigned to the material. If it is procedurally generated again then u must reassign the new one.
  5. you could also remove the white properly. Magic wand will only get you so far. You will have to use an eraser for unwanted edges with low opacity edge (ie soft eraser)
  6. Note: You can have free discussion on what you believe or watever, but please no insulting other religions/groups/communities ext You can say there wrong, why u think their wrong, what u think ext ext ext But as for insulting them, then no. No need to call them crap, just call them faiths or watver. People can take offence. Just thought I might point that out for future reference. Thanks.
  7. ce3: -I would only use if I were in an actual company, cos it's harder to use in terms of programming, using the program ext However, it has by far superior graphics. unity: -As an indie, this is the way to go in my opinion. Multiple script support, wide range of help from a large(and growing) community, easy to use, easy to edit, multiple platform publishing without much work.
  8. thanks for the link. Linear algebra is really important in game development, and its hard to find it put all in one place. This has quite a bit of maths you need to learn, so thanks for that. I might as well post another good link to go with this: http://blog.wolfire.com/2009/07/linear-algebra-for-game-developers-part-1/
  9. Just gonna shamelessly advertise A friend of mine has started a YouTube channel a few weeks ago, and is looking for subscribers. It's not good enough for me to show off, but nor is it bad enough to deter viewers. I actually think its quite a laugh, and I urge you guys to at least give him a chance before you decide to sub or not. But that's my view I'm putting the first video below so you guys can watch it from here and not open another tab. Again, if you like please sub him http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGvNv0mMk1GWO4u7sJ-8Ftg
  10. i recommend just using sketchfab.
  11. u know what, its actually true xD
  12. meh, my pics look gay. Lighting and camera are crap and all. @youngdev: mans got swag! @grim1690: got my eye on u xD lmao
  13. loftail

    Paintball Gun

  14. loftail

    Low Poly Tree's

    Thats right, its for cartoony, (ie not realistic) games. Not just mobile, even games like pokemon, top down games ext.
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