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  1. PizzaMan

    Horizontal Compass

    Fantastic.... I have no words..... Thank you very much
  2. PizzaMan

    Bird Scare Pack

    amazing effect thank you
  3. PizzaMan

    Pickup up and moving an abject?

    using UnityEngine; using System.Collection; public class PickupObject : monoBehaviour{ GameObject mainCamera; bool carrying; GameObject carriedObject; public float distance; void Start(){ if(carrying){ carry(carriedObject); }else{ pickup(); } } void carry(GameObject o){ o.rigidbody.isKinematic = true; o.transform.position = mainCamera.transform.position + mainCamera.transform.forward * distance; } void pickup(){ if(imput.GeyKeyDown (KeyCode.E)){ int x = Screen.width / 2; int y = Screen.height / 2; Ray ray = mainCamera.camera.ScrenPointToRay(new Vector3(x,y)); RaycastHit hit; if(Physics.Raycast(ray,out hit)){ Pickupable p = hit.collider.GetComponet<Pickupable>(); if(p!=null){ carrying=true; carriedObject=p.gameObject; } } } } try this hello
  4. PizzaMan

    Script Pause Unity 5

    How beautiful 4 lines of code are so effective. Thank you
  5. PizzaMan

    Target locator in HUD

    But I adore it exceptionally. I've been looking for it for some time... Thank you very much.
  6. PizzaMan

    Basic Inventory System

    For me it works Just downloaded with chrome Thank you
  7. Sorry i'm not good enough .... I can not make it work ... Thanks anyway
  8. PizzaMan

    Good Day to Everyone

    Good Day to Everyone I am a new enthusiast of unity, I hope to find support and advice from all of you. Thank you