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  1. Hello guys :] I am using 2 cameras for my first person view, one that always renders just the weapon ( so i could change the height of the weapon in view but not as an object itself and always seeing the object for no clipping) but the dumb thing is, now my main camera doesnt render shadows, because it doesnt even render this object. Is there a way to render the shadow or do i do remove the weapon camera?
  2. Hello Guys, first Post here. I have a little Problem with the Audiosyncing, i want to check the clients netId with the senders netId, but it seems like its always the same on every client. Is there a better way to check this or am i overlooking something here? [Client] void Shoot() { if(!isLocalPlayer) { return; } // Getting a randomshoot Sound //Server Command with randomShoot and the own netId CmdSendAudioToPlayer(randomShoot, netId); shootSource.clip = currentWeapon.shootSound[randomShoot]; shootSource.Play(); } [Command] void CmdSendAudioToPlayer(int _id, NetworkInstanceId _netId) { RpcPlayAudio(_id, _netId); } [ClientRpc] void RpcPlayAudio(int _id, NetworkInstanceId _netId) { //Here is the Problem, how do i check the equals //Check if your Client did the shooting, and if so : return if(netId == _netId) { Debug.Log("Du schiesst selber, keine Audio nötig"); return; } AudioSource _source = NetworkServer.FindLocalObject(_netId).GetComponentInChildren<AudioSource>(); _source.clip = currentWeapon.shootSound[_id]; _source.Play(); } Thank you
  3. Desreaver


    just do the same code from your coop ai in network code.
  4. i never seen code which has just lone blocks in their code. Maybe u forget a statement here?
  5. For the Scripts, u can just buy one of the store. there are good assets like this one or this this character Controller.
  6. Hello, my name is Lorenz. About me: I am 17 Years old and i am living in Germany, near Munich, and I am in the 2nd year of my education for software development. Why i am here: Me and my brother had funny ideas for games and since i like programming and he can do good things with Blender we thought it would be fun to start a few small Projects. I recently started to learning C# and Unity and i was looking for a good FPS Controller Asset, since i did not want to play around with the Standard Assets, because it isnt really a good FPS Controller. I found this forum with this good free C# FPS Project and i really liked it and joined. I hope to find support and advice here. Thanks Also, sorry for some english mistake
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