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    I would like to share a little 2D Platforming Package i have gotten laying around its good to learn the basics of how a 2D Game is builded. The package includes 2 already builded levels which you can play to learn how it works. After that you can create a empty scene and just drag whatever you need from the package in the Hierarchy.
  2. To everyone doubting it was my channel then i can confirm that the channel "DailyUnitySource" IS mine. I ALWAYS credit work that other people have used, when i feature it in any video or post, but if the work is only mine i credit none but myself. That should be acceptable for any gamer and for any game developer. Thanks for your understandment. Regards Freddy (And yes i am part of Iron Sight Studios, but since it is 2 months since there where any activity in our group chat we have i think ISS is done on the market)
  3. Sorry i just returned from a long break, so im still trying to get used to the new layout on the web page
  4. //Update Project wont develop any further.
  5. I do made this from the bottom, there are tons of tutorials out there just grab one of them and follow it. Thats what i did.
  6. And where do you wanna go with that? I havent smacked a big sell button up anywhere im giving the source out for FREE. Its not up to me how far you are gonna sell it or not.
  7. Select your tree. Then go to component and attach a Sphere collider. From there you can try and move the collider around so it fits 100%.
  8. Cool ill keep that in mind. And thank you for your time .
  9. I know the basics of creating a terrain. But im not very good at it. I only make videos to help out beginners. (Im not a master myself, but know a few things) And im not spamming im just posting usefull material and being active. And if you dont got that spare time then you dont even need to waste your time replying. Have a nice day.
  10. I dont really use the assets store for some reason every time i open it my computer starts lagging as ****.
  11. It has to be at least 450 in width and 450 in length. Look, 450 what ? Foots, inches, meters.. 500x500 meters
  12. This is another tutorial i made which introduces the Physic Materials in Unity3D. If you found this usefull please go to the video and give it a like. It is much appreciated. If you have any questions ask them either here or in the comment section on the youtube video. Have a nice day!
  13. I made a little video which runs over the basics of creating a terrain. [youtubehd] [/youtubehd]If you found this helpfull please go to the video and give it a like. If you have any questions about the video ask them here or in the comment section on the video. Have a nice day!
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