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  1. Everything feels nice, but you definitely need to add a step mechanic, as jumping up what feels like it should be a staircase is not cool. I also found that the weapon tilt when turning is too high. I play a lot of csgo and have practiced turning 180 perfectly, at high speeds (with the flick of a wrist) but when done in your demo the weapon tilts too far. When turning slowly its fine however. Maybe add a maximum tilt, so it caps at a certain speed? This will keep the current effect but stop ridiculous tilt
  2. Unity recently released the source for the Blacksmith preview, that contained custom shaders that contained full lighting, take a look there maybe?
  3. Do it on Github, so people can make project forks, that'll be the easiest way.
  4. So me and some friends are gonna play csgo, and we need a fifth. Anyone Gold Nova range wanna play now, for a good few matches? Let me know!
  5. Because you're using Unity animations. They are rather painful to use for something simple, just download blender and do it there.
  6. Take a look at this to randomise between a range (limits between the upper and lower bound) http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Random.Range.html
  7. Not publically sharing details about the project is okay, but say that you dont want to share them publically. Saying its a paid post should've been on the top of the page. It would also be good to add the payment methods, and what quality level/art style you're looking for, so the right artist can find you! Hope you find what you're looking for.
  8. Thank you very much for the quick response! May end up using your system, however I'm considering using my own system as I can do custom server side processing, thank you anyway! I'll look into it and try out some stuff.
  9. I was planning to look into something like this in the near future as I want to get user profiles set up. Do you support the storage of other user data, or just username and password? Also, what are the connection times like from Unity? I have set up custom stuff before with a webserver and PHP before and found it to be quite slow within Unity.
  10. I have an older laptop that I rarely use, and my main desktop PC. I will update the laptop first and try it out, if its perfect straight away I'll update the desktop too, but if the initial release is buggy, I'll wait a few months before I do the desktop. I would encourage that to anyone who can, or just wait for some tech reviewers to try it properly post release, and see what state its in!
  11. Getting in and out is simply disabling / enabling the correct player controller, if you approach it logically its not super complex. Driving vehicles can be found in the standard assets provided by Unity. Network Instatiation of a vehicle can be done like any other object, there should be multiple examples on the respective page for your networking solution. There is no full tutorial for what you're looking for, because its not a simple thing. To show how to do everything, the person would need to also create the entire player movement system so they can link that to the car correctly, thats one of the reasons there is no tutorial. Another reason I agree with is growth of a developer. You will only become so good if you are spoonfed everything and blindly copy from tutorials, you are much better off looking into each aspect of the system then linking them together yourself so you fully understand the code you have written infront of you. I'm not being negative at all, the last few statements arent aimed at you, they are general points to the community, and anyone that expects to be handed a whole project on a silver platter, especially free of charge.
  12. Please dont make this, the key trading community is crappy enough already without everything being automated.
  13. I would probably agree, but Photon seems more flexible, due to them offering cloud services as well as the server stuff.
  14. I may be wrong, but I typically used the first one, as if you want additional components to your IF statement, that is only achievable with the first. eg if (Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.SomeConsole || userWantsToUseAControllerOnPC == true) { //run controller code }
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