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  1. thank you, although i am fortunate enough to know a friend who is a programmer and can help me out i wont say no to extra help thank you for the tutorials i didn't know about blender guru but i knew about brackey roland told me about the channel a couple days back
  2. I'm new to everything having to do with 3d and unity, i understand that you can make a model in a program like blender with bones, animations and also create separate materials and some textures for the imported fbx in unity then work the settings in animator and so on. What i'm actually looking for is a some decent tutorial series on how to create your own game in unity and if you know a good series for blender i would appreciate it. I'm also an electronic music producer and i'm a 2d artist designer i create logos characters sketches for clients if anybody is interested add me on facebook, my name is Chris Young Noize G. The reason i wanna go into 3d is because i didn't learn at all about 3d in the school i went only some flash stuff, and about coding i have no idea so i found this site by google searching c# scripts for unity and decided to make an account here and be part of this community.
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