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  1. If anyone is willing ... we need someone I can only pay deffered..... (End game Sale) Nightshade - Demon Apocalpyse Survival Fps / Rpg Needing a talented guy to go at work here .... I have artist , and animators.. . However we need a uvw mapper and one who can model out guns and weapons would be greatly appreciated ... Hi, ! Thanks for checking you're pm! I'm in need a of 3D Modeler who can uv map ! If you have herd of nightshade..... If not im going to be short always in a busy mode.. [Copy Paste] - This was a few months back , I fixed the crafting system inventory , items can be equipped did some of the more major tps animations in plans for online now ... needing a gun modeler let me know know thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEZfR5BvKmo @thisismyinbox007@gmail.com
  2. Hey ! Right now i'm an army of one but have recoded a engine from scratch the "system" is pretty much well put together inventory weapons etc...... camera shake explosion small end ai... However i'm in need of 3D modeler's and riggers.... . It was going to start off with a zombie surival game... But please contact me if you're interested at thisismyinbox007@gmail.com ... here are some screen's from the engine ... I really need a guy to do the gun models... honestly.... The idea is kinda a wonky comedy idea that will hopefully make alittle cash.... zombie survival with patatoe's and pears that infect them.... lolz I dont know.... but a free roam single player fps rpg.... it's really to the point of it not being the coding anymore it has the ability to crouch run all that etc... smooth no flaws that I know of yet... Camera shaking etc..... explosion physics.... use's unities free ai system.... ladder climbing is alittle half strange still though but :/ it works ... . so... I just really need a 3d modeler i'm pretty good just so damned warn out from the coding... I cannot pay out anything it's really "Volenteer work" other then pay out percentage % on game per sale.... so up untill the point of sale .. There is no pay out... so if anyone even has a gun collection they have stored up... .... etc etc..... Thanks Sincerly, Jake D Casper -Lead Programmer / Director .
  3. I'm happy you have that much time to notice
  4. No friends please reffer to the Readme.txt inside the main asset dump ... It says to take the plugins folder and put it in the main assets folder... It works ... The performance is pretty good the only problem ... is the level size cap I cant get it anywhere above 20 cubes my self... But it was alot of work for FREE so check it out the download link is now working btw.
  5. Boxil is a free minecraft engine ..... comes with a pretty decent inventory and hopefully the script's are well commented .... reffer to the readme.txt for installation setup and links to the video documentation ... http://thisismyinbox007.wix.com/indiegangster - For the download Youtube Preview .... Dont ask me I cant embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZDNmMMzfWA&feature=c4-overview&list=UUNvNzTBSlHeORizaw2-KIFA READ THE README.txt there are some installation steps inside of there along with the video documentation .... PLEASE DONATE!!!!! Sincerly, Jake D casper
  6. if anyone is interested I fixed this : for (i=0; i <Terrain.activeTerrain.terrainData.treeInstances.Length; i++) { var terrain : TerrainData = Terrain.activeTerrain.terrainData; var pos = Vector3.Scale(Terrain.activeTerrain.terrainData.treeInstances[i].position,terrain.size)+ Terrain.activeTerrain.transform.position; Instantiate(treeFab, pos, Quaternion.identity); }
  7. Ok so I finally got a head ache on this one if anyone can help thank you so much Since the trees are terrain only objects if you paint them or mass place them ... I want to be able to create invisible prefabs over each tree store in this line of code from what I understand it should work : it only half way does ... it creates the same number of objects per the number of stored tree's in the terrain data for the terrain, but has problem and places all the objects in 0,0,0 the origoin of where the terrain is set .... not the tree positions ... here is the code if anyone has a clue ... I would be like SWEET MAN!
  8. So so far i'm having major trouble as I do not have access to the zbuffering in unity it nulls it out creating major head - ache the best idea's I have so far is to use multiple objects with a line renderer attached to it..... though that create's problems when it comes to realism as the light travled threw media is interupted and creates a " cut light " making it seam like it laser's threw the wall.... unrealisticc majorly ... Any input would be great .
  9. some more information on this topic : http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/47188-Volume-Shader
  10. So basicly in a nut shell the direction & angle travel threw the matter or media deviding over time making the exctinction of light.... giving us a ray ....
  11. Well essentially we have ztesting and depth checks that can give the effect of volume + distance to camera... Unity pro has it for you but if you get enough knowledge from nvidia " shaders " its more then possible. http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPUGems3/gpugems3_ch13.html Has a good article on descriping the effects and method on doing this . The new problem is using the shader lab syntax in unity .... It's pretty complicated I had a weird idea though screwing around with tessalation shader today since it supports height maps .... I just need to add volume into the shader some how....
  12. Hi , guys just wanted to start a discussion maybe we could tackle this one with each other . From I understand the best way to do this is threw scripting shaders.... Now I have a close idea on how to do this... There are other methods like creating 3D planes to a point and scatter like 12 of them threw out a cone .... I herd there is a way to do this with particle rendering i'm just not sure how in the least bit .... let me know what information you guys think is correct I like to try to tackle this one .... and release it for free
  13. Hi , Just wondering has anyone succesfully added another viechles , I liked to be able to prefab the buggy and have more then 1 ? I just duplicating.... this seams to not default my char into the other car though just has option to switch... but null Thanks, Jake
  14. looks awesome man . Better yet if you have not caught it yet me and deatrocker are releasing apocalypse kit we a got a huge list to fill and for free
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