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  1. WIP Voxel FPS game

    Thank you, yea i got a bit confused between those two styles.. I tought it was the same. Thanks for the comment, much love <3
  2. WIP Voxel FPS game

    Yeah.. my bad. I was a bit confused about those two factors. Thanks for the comment by the way <3
  3. WIP Voxel FPS game

    Thanks for comments, very much appreciated <3
  4. WIP Voxel FPS game

    Yes i know i made a mistake for putting voxel, my bad. Thanks for commenting <3
  5. WIP Voxel FPS game

    Yea im just showcasing another texture Thanks for the comment!
  6. WIP Voxel FPS game

    Started couple days ago a little project. Its a voxel/block FPS base game. Need some help and feedback with what to fix, add, and if anyone is interested to company me threw the journey of creating the game Some YouTube support would be very appreciated! Here are the video links, hope you like the project : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbvX4MAq0KmdXpkTKANBpxQ