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  1. fieldsofink


    Thanx man..... link gave me a clue as to where my mistake was...error is Gone.
  2. fieldsofink


    public Steering GetSteering (Transform transform, Vector3 currentVelocity, float rotationSpeed, float maxRotation, float maxAngularAcceleration) { faceSteering.Reset (); if (currentVelocity.magnitude == 0f) return faceSteering; Quaternion target = Quaternion.Euler (new Vector3 (0f, Steering.MapToRange (Mathf.Atan2 (currentVelocity.x, currentVelocity.z) * Mathf.Rad2Deg), 0f)); return base.GetSteering (target, transform, rotationSpeed, maxRotation, maxAngularAcceleration); } I wonder if anyone here can help....the last line is giving me an error.... `UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour' does not contain a definition for `GetSteering' i've googled cant find anything....any help is much appreciated.
  3. Thanx man appreciate it!! I have a hard time doing the non organic stuff so that makes me smile. did you get it to load?I have a facebook but I don't have hardly any 3d art their just ink....and drawings.... I forgot I did put up some older 3d models and art with a tablet in GIMP on my Deviantart page... http://fieldsofink.deviantart.com/ nothing is real recent even on the photobucket...I haven't been doing a lot of the 3d modeling lately...last couple years just been trying to learn Csharp...I have made progress and written a couple of my own scripts...but a true understanding of the syntax is still alluding me.....
  4. cc that....i'll check out that site....and thanx
  5. hello people...quick introduction name is Paul Fields...I am an artist...have been as long as I can remember....mostly worked on skin for close to 30 years....Started Tattooing in 1988, when it wasn't the "cool" thing to do......Father of many children raised 6 with my wife of 25 years.....been a "gamer" since the original "Asteroids"...... although I didn't get a PC until I was in my 30's, only got my first one to play an online game I found.... started 3d modeling in Blender for fun 10 years ago..... now I find it the ultimate medium..(I mean.....wow to create a creature and then build it's animations...have it move around and interact with its surroundings....I find to be quit awesome!!!)..a couple years back I decided I didn't like the direction Tattooing was going so stopped tattooing the public and decided I was going to turn my art to the Gaming world....hahahaha boy was I in for a surprise when I first heard about this "scripting" and now I have a HUGE appreciation for what it actually takes to create a game from scratch...it is no easy task and one of the most difficult things to do...for me anyways being an artist and hating words...learning C#.....haha surprised I am not bald..... joined this community to find like minded people....and possible trades of art assets....for script work that I cant write myself. A link to my Photobucket if anyone is interested in checking out my art....peace all and have a great day!! http://s178.photobucket.com/user/fieldsofink/library/blender?sort=3&page=1
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