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  1. @Whyherro Oh that sounds unpleasant. I hope that your machinima will be in tip top shape soon so we can hit up some pc games together Thanks bro! P.S I did say machinima just for fun.
  2. @Whyherro ofcourse I remember you we used to play on PSN years ago. Thank you very much for your warm welcoming .- You still on psn bro ?
  3. Hey everyone! I have been gone for a while (few years) but im back and i fired up unity again to work on something special i missed everyone on the forums as i had a very rough time during my life instead of doing what i would rather do and thats just being me doing my hobbies and enjoy the things i enjoy in life , but sometimes life can change and things get messed up that bad BUT all cool. Happy to say im going to marry within 1 year hopefully after everything has been arranged and i really hope i can grow closer with the community again! I will be making youtube videos to as i purchased myself a rode NT usb condenser mic and a new laptop (traveling a lot) BTW my apolegies if my english doesnt sound to well , it has been a while i had to use the english language. https://itsjustmajestic.blogspot.com/ My blog is very basic and simple with dark color of background ment for your eyes .- contains all my content and of course armed unity has been linked as well as the unity forums and community site. Feel free to subscribe to my channel www.youtube.com/itsjustmajestic to stay in touch with my media site of everything ;D mucho love , Majestic PSN if youre on PS4 ItsJustMajestic
  4. overall has a bubblegum feeling to it! fresh, but as Mountains said, you should change it somehow to make it look proffesional, good work tho'
  5. Welcome to the Armed Unity forum, I hope you will enjoy your stay! feel free to browse the tutorials section if looking for something in particular or you could always ask!
  6. Very nice, I think this will be very useful to many people! Keep up the good work +1
  7. Cat ... Rob ... Cattrob ... or maybe catfish ... anyhow welcome to the Armed Unity forum. Please feel free to browse trough the variety of wild and cool things our users created with their talents! Tho' ... No lollygagging!
  8. For a logo, it is nice ... for a logo that represents your developing company / team / organization ... it could be done better.
  9. It would actually be something cool to be on the look out for! Nice idea , it could expand with the right group of people that is willing to create reality out of this idea and with reality of course i mean a game.
  10. Thank you very much. I appreciate the nice comment :), would you like to share a look on your project? any Trailers or such would be cool to check out!
  11. Are you working on a Medieval Game (or such) and are in need of a bit help? Well! Then this should get you closer to your dream! 120 BPM RPG Theme Song #1
  12. Looks pretty neat, but in my opinion the font should be different. Good job.
  13. Majestic

    Who Plays MTA?

  14. Exactly! Another example of what you could do with it in game ... or real haha joke joke lets keep it in game for now ... Thanks for the comment !
  15. This can be used for any world war 2 projects, or simply if your character has something to do with belgium! It took some time for me to create this, as I wanted it to look as close to the real one. If you don't mind, don't forget to comment about what you think of this and simply credit me if used! FRONT SIDE BACK SIDE
  16. I like this. Majestic has spoken.
  17. Definitely asking for some time to play!
  18. @Bandoro Heb je enige preview ofso van je werk (chronotails)?
  19. My 3rd Armed Unity Background! <3 Enjoy, tell me if you like it! Tried to keep it as simple as possible.
  20. Not smart to do that. Learn how to grow some brains first.
  21. Mortal Kombat Series The Darkness - The Darkness 2 BioShock Series The Elder Scrolls Series Saints Row Series Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas & 5 Battlefield 3 & 4 inFamous - inFamous 2 - inFamous: Second Son
  22. @Geckoo +1 for that <3 @Straatbaas Niet alles.
  23. You can ask me anything ... as long as it's possible ... so everything can be asked :-

  24. Sure. I'll do that on my next AU Background
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