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  1. Need help

    Greetings dear members , i Am currently busy with a couple of things regarding music. I'll cut to the chase. I need someone to create a wallpaper / logo doesn't need to be much but a bit of professional looking design wouldnt Hurt. Here is the catch! I Am currently unable to pay or create it myself as i am waiting for my laptop to be repaired. Thanks to anyone who wants to help me , and a lot of love to the members of the AU Community. Name of the current record label working on: South Side Connection I do indeed have the current studio required to record , i have the equipment and i have come to An agreement with a record label in Antwerpen so no lil kids trying to rip off Just asking for help of possible ! Asking a logo with Nice baground not more!
  2. One of my designs

    overall has a bubblegum feeling to it! fresh, but as Mountains said, you should change it somehow to make it look proffesional, good work tho'
  3. Good Day to Everyone

    Welcome to the Armed Unity forum, I hope you will enjoy your stay! feel free to browse the tutorials section if looking for something in particular or you could always ask!
  4. Very nice, I think this will be very useful to many people! Keep up the good work +1
  5. Hello im Pablo

    Cat ... Rob ... Cattrob ... or maybe catfish ... anyhow welcome to the Armed Unity forum. Please feel free to browse trough the variety of wild and cool things our users created with their talents! Tho' ... No lollygagging!
  6. Our Team Logo, NEED OPINIONS

    For a logo, it is nice ... for a logo that represents your developing company / team / organization ... it could be done better.
  7. Little Mafia (game idea)

    It would actually be something cool to be on the look out for! Nice idea , it could expand with the right group of people that is willing to create reality out of this idea and with reality of course i mean a game.
  8. [FREE] Majestic's RPG Menu Theme Song!

    Thank you very much. I appreciate the nice comment :), would you like to share a look on your project? any Trailers or such would be cool to check out!
  9. Are you working on a Medieval Game (or such) and are in need of a bit help? Well! Then this should get you closer to your dream! 120 BPM RPG Theme Song #1
  10. 2 Simple AU Backgrounds

    Looks pretty neat, but in my opinion the font should be different. Good job.
  11. Who Plays MTA?

  12. [FREE] Belgian Passport Textures | Front & Back side

    Exactly! Another example of what you could do with it in game ... or real haha joke joke lets keep it in game for now ... Thanks for the comment !
  13. This can be used for any world war 2 projects, or simply if your character has something to do with belgium! It took some time for me to create this, as I wanted it to look as close to the real one. If you don't mind, don't forget to comment about what you think of this and simply credit me if used! FRONT SIDE BACK SIDE
  14. [FPS] SemperFI

    I like this. Majestic has spoken.