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  1. Hi Yeah i work on this and i perfome some teaks every day just for simple use!! SyncVars are easy documented for easy usage! When you have!/content/58948 you can simple use unet for free every time! My Package also included this! Note The download link up there is old! A very early build but the Update will come in some weeks its hard to say if it will come this month^^
  2. Thanks i work hard for extend my system for easy implementation! The Price will also 0€ or 0$ ^^
  3. Update 0.1a Preview: hopefully i can get into assetstore^^ Thats just a few screenshots cause i dont want to show all cause i fixing every day stuff^^
  4. Important I work on a new version on it for the ne api. I rewriten my Unet Matchmaking Custom. it has now standalonr Extensions and more. What the next Update contains: 1.Menu UI(News,Server Browser,Server Host, credits,Options) 2.Map Selection ( in-game,out of game ) 3.Lobby or Non-Lobby(can be choosen) 4.News Manager 5.Loading Screen 6.Support if buyed NATTraversal 7. Player Scripts(PlayerMovement Sync,support Final-Ik, Full Animator Sync) 8.Documentation
  5. database

    Thanks yeah im working on the extensions right now. But at first i must be acceptet by the AssetStore for easy updates. But good to know with the SHA256.
  6. He had a Dream....That one day....he become a Helicopter(i hope this is a english word as well) No just but the rigidbody mass to 999
  7. You will send the local ip or the public ip?
  8. Hallo ich heiße Marcel und bin ein Scripter fals du doch einen scripter suchst kannst du auf mich zählen. Zu mir: 17 Jahre alt Scripte seit 5-6 Jahren Hab mir alles selber beigebracht
  9. I see your fail you must type getComponent<WeaponIndex>(). I think if it is in java the same as in cSharp.
  10. Show me you set weapon variable
  11. Ok no no, no yes? Please write that you dont need me or in the future when you have some guys who would join.
  12. Hi my name is Marcel . Im a c# scripter and i search for a group who would let mr work with them. I script for like 5 years.
  13. Hallo ich heiße Marcel. Ich bin C# scripter(Gute Kenntnisse) und suchd schon seit langen eine Gruppe. Fals du mehr wissen möchtest schreib mir bitte eine PN Oder add mich auf Steam :
  14. How do you know if you ready to be not ready?


  15. LifeDB - Simple up your life! You search for a fast and good solution to save your PlayerData or something on the server? But you dont want waste money on Mysql Programs or something? Than LifeDB makes your live whole easy! LifeDB also can used by other Programs written in c#. I work on a Solution for Arma/Arma2/Arma3. Update: Features: Lightweight Database in .ini format! Create/Delete Database Write/Load Delete Section/Key ToDo: Encryption(MD5) Editor Extension Dont hate me for this! Haters gona hate hate hate...... Ideas? Just write it in here! LifeDBi.unitypackage Doc.rtf