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  1. [PC] Help need some Info for a good PC to Dev

    @GeneralCookie Like i wrote 2500-2700 https://imgur.com/a/28aY6te Cheap pc xD Nah i need it not for gaming but for Rendering big things^^
  2. [PC] Help need some Info for a good PC to Dev

    @OcularCash Nah i dont belive in you! You have more than a Microwave to work on
  3. [PC] Help need some Info for a good PC to Dev

    @AshwinTheGammer belive me i know some guys who has bader ones who cant run even windos xp
  4. [PC] Help need some Info for a good PC to Dev

    @BTEK like all thinks i but in i think so like 2500-2700€ https://imgur.com/a/28aY6te
  5. [PC] Help need some Info for a good PC to Dev

    i know babe look what i wrote down there test and send me also your pc stats^^ i just wanted to know what u guys use^^ u think? now i can play tetris on 10 fps
  6. Hello Guys! I buyed a cheap Work PC and i dont know if it is good for Develop! i made a Userbenchmark and i got this Stats but idk if i can use Unity with it! Test: http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/8551572 Test and send you Stats also please that i can get a idea what i need for unity!
  7. Voxel Chunk Creation

    Thanks i will check out and try multiple things^^
  8. Voxel Chunk Creation

    Ok that could be the problem But now i must figure out how to do it^^ can u give me a little help with it? Edit: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Mesh.html...Creating Meshes by script and edit it and than put it into one big mesh... im right?
  9. Voxel Chunk Creation

    Hello Guys! I tried to create a voxel based world for learning and idk i just cant get the Chunks Good -.- My Blocks are Script Created and they are Planes! So my Question is is there any way to do it better with Cubes or something! Right now after a Chunk is Created 10x5x10 i make a Call to the blocks that they should check if there is any other block on top,bottom,left,right and and and but this eats a lot of Performance! BlockMesher.cs BlockDirectory.cs WorldGeneratorController.cs
  10. Logitech SteeringWheel Implement

    @YoungDeveloper https://streamable.com/utn1b ^^
  11. Logitech SteeringWheel Implement

    sry my english is bad^^ but i hope u understand why
  12. Logitech SteeringWheel Implement

    When u hear what i say in the video then u should know why ^^ xD And i like it cause u can use the Logitech software for adding effects to the steering wheel^^ its just for the know how^^ had a hard time with the input system from unity^^ Testet with the this https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/physics/realistic-car-controller-16296 and the next problem is the axis the break , gas and clutch pedal use.... u know that ^^ and its simplier to add a dll to a game and implement the easy use from logitech than build up from scratch^^ but i know why u asked me that^^ i thougt the same way
  13. Hey Guys made a little Tutorial on how to use the Steering wheel in Unity^^ Made it hopefully simple as fuck! Video is here Code simple as fuck: using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class LogitechExample : MonoBehaviour { LogitechGSDK.LogiControllerPropertiesData properties; public float xAxes,GasInput,BreakInput,ClutchInput; public bool HShift = true; bool isInGear; public int CurrentGear; private void Start() { print(LogitechGSDK.LogiSteeringInitialize(false)); } void Update() { if (LogitechGSDK.LogiUpdate() && LogitechGSDK.LogiIsConnected(0)) { LogitechGSDK.DIJOYSTATE2ENGINES rec; rec = LogitechGSDK.LogiGetStateUnity(0); HShifter(rec); xAxes = rec.lX / 32768f; //-1 0 1 if(rec.lY > 0) { GasInput = 0; }else if(rec.lY < 0) { GasInput = rec.lY / -32768f; } if(rec.lRz > 0) { BreakInput = 0; } else if(rec.lRz < 0) { BreakInput = rec.lRz / -32768f; } if (rec.rglSlider[0] > 0) { ClutchInput = 0; } else if (rec.rglSlider[0] < 0) { ClutchInput = rec.rglSlider[0] / -32768f; } } else { print("No Steering Wheel connected!"); } } void HShifter(LogitechGSDK.DIJOYSTATE2ENGINES shifter) { for(int i = 0; i < 128;i++) { if(shifter.rgbButtons[i] == 128) { if(ClutchInput > 0.5f) { if(i == 12) { CurrentGear = 1; isInGear = true; } else if (i == 13) { CurrentGear = 2; isInGear = true; } else if (i == 14) { CurrentGear = 3; isInGear = true; } else if (i == 15) { CurrentGear = 4; isInGear = true; } else if (i == 16) { CurrentGear = 5; isInGear = true; } else if (i == 17) { CurrentGear = 6; isInGear = true; } else if (i == 18) { CurrentGear = -1; isInGear = true; }else { isInGear = false; CurrentGear = 0; } } } } } }
  14. LifeDB - Lightweight Database

    There is no "Real Stream Writer" i use a Kernel32 Function^^ There is no Delay on Writing and Reading!(i Hope xD)
  15. LifeDB - Lightweight Database

    Right now just ar Chars but if u need such a feature like utf16 or utf32 i could implement it