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  1. Need a good c# programmer.

  2. Need a good c# programmer.

  3. Need a good c# programmer.

    Map is from PostApco Asset Buyed!
  4. Need a good c# programmer.

    lol what that wasnt even the video i made xD he mate that a year ago wait
  5. Need a good c# programmer.

    yeah before i come in the Project it was all that kit but by now i can say^^ all redone mate but the moddels and animations for weapons are placeholders^^ if you want prove write me^^
  6. Need a good c# programmer.

    Ok wie scriptest du eher HardCode oder schaust du ob es so wenig wie möglich scriptest oder schaust du das es effizent ist?
  7. Need a good c# programmer.

    hmmmm..... komisch dein name kommt mir bekannt vor warst schon imma in graz oder warst mal in Leibnitz? interessantes kit... aber ich hab eigentlich gemeint ob du gut bist in Scripten.... wie komplexe scripts zu erstellen die aber nicht hardcoded sind
  8. Need a good c# programmer.

    Irgendwie kommt mir dein name bekannt vor..... Von wo bist genau
  9. Need a good c# programmer.

    Ich auch. Bist du gut in dem was du scriptest?
  10. Need a good c# programmer.

    Where are you from my friend?
  11. Need a good c# programmer.

    cant use the Discord Link. its to old or something
  12. Need a good c# programmer.

    Hello im a c# Developer and i would like to test the game cause in your video i cant see anything your pc laggs! Send me PM
  13. [Unet]Matchmaking Custom! [Unity 2017.x]

    @Sunix Looks interessting i buy it and test it^^ and i use the MM System but i release a second version for this https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/58948(this package is not included) so you can Use the UNet System.... but i will take a look at this Thank you
  14. [Unet]Matchmaking Custom! [Unity 2017.x]

    ReCreated my Package! First Release Date of the Package at 1.1.2018 If you want to support me just write me in a PN and i will send you a Link for Donating trought PayPal!
  15. Before we i start remember this is a (pre)Release! Bench System that is used: MSI 270 Gaming Pro Carbon Intel i5-7600K 1x Evga Titan Black 8GB White Ballistix 2TB SSD(IDK) Used Unity Version: Unity 2017 When Mars told me "Hey, I have a Photon Game Kit, which is currently available for 45 €. Can you please get it and test it?" Of course, I agreed and bougth it the next day! The kit was scripted so easily that even beginners with almost no previous knowledge could it use! Unfortunately, some bugs caused by Unity 2017 as crashes and Init Fails but after repairing some errors, this has fixed everything! Mars is a good developer as you could already see in his game Vengeance and now he has used all his knowledge to create a kit! Fact is the game kit is simply perfect to learn and to develop your own game! 45 €? For opinion with all these features this is too cheap! The Question is, can you buy the kit? Absolutely Yes!