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  1. ok sweet tank you very helpfull !! EDIT: got it working and works great !
  2. ok thank you, I'll try to edit for unity 5
  3. what unity asset's work for the UI / Text ? looks great just wanna try it out
  4. the floor in that video looks hella good o.o
  5. so as title says I'm needing help with the advance multiplayer kit.. got smartfoxserver setup on a vps with firewall off and xampp 1.7.3 'unblocked' sql uploaded and php file edited to mysql, on client side got lobby scene edited to poited to the vps with it ip.. any got any idea what im missing? EDIT: game server client connects now, but when i login as test nothing loads after and cannot register a new account... ?
  6. Yea won't let me connect for some reason and a can't read account like the mysql isn't linked
  7. so you put local or what it link to?