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  1. linta


    can you help us out by creating a demo with line draw and filling..?
  2. linta


    @OcularCash can you tell me how can we do filling in unity tron game, as i understand the game logic but filling is still a headache for me. your help will be really appreciated. TIA
  3. linta


    wow, this plugin is awsme. thanks a lot man.
  4. linta


    thanks it help a lot, now facing issue in filling algorithm.
  5. linta


    hi, i am looking for paper.io tutorial or helping material for educational purpose. i am using unity 3d as development tool.
  6. linta


    hi, i want to create paper.io clone(just for educational purpose), can you help me out to understand the game logic. i am using unity game engine, should i use line rendrer or grid of cube and changing their color ontrigger. need your suggestion and guide line. TIA.
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