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  1. iBoomSy

    Freelance ??

    Hi guys, I am making a little game, and sometime i have problem with my code and i need someone who can help me for a little bit pay. greatss
  2. iBoomSy


    Really thankyou for your help guys!!!!<3
  3. iBoomSy


    Oh damn! the problem is fixed.. I have in windows 10 a Problem solver i opened the project using that program and that program makes the good settings...
  4. iBoomSy


    I look at my windows updates and i see have download this update today: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4346783/windows-10-update-kb4346783
  5. iBoomSy


    Yes, the same problem in a new/empty scene...
  6. iBoomSy


    I have the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 2gb and i5. All the drivers are up-to-date..
  7. @geckoo Thankyou, and yes
  8. Hi, i am selling my beginners kit. Are you a new unity3D developer with no experience and you want to create your own Multiplayer fps game? Then this beginner kit makes it easy for you. kit: (MENU) -Server Browser (Server name, map name, players, Ping). -Host Game (Set Room Name, Choose map with images, Choose Gamemode, Set players). - Loading Screen (IN GAME) - animated Bootcamp soldier controlled by animator. - You can kill enemys', - Ragdol - Soldier shadows (Player controller script) - Walking - Running - Jumping - Crouching if you bought it, please add me on skype: iboomsy You can buy this kit here: https://sellfy.com/p/Up49/#
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