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  1. You are really from Greece?
  2. Well I am not that beginner and thanks for your tips. I 'll have a look at OMA's scripts. And something else , when I put a model on unity objects and then in scene I have no textures even if the model is textured. Any suggestion?
  3. Hey everyone, I have found this model and I wonder if someone could make it fly like in Bf3 (I mean with mosue , W and S etc. ) . I wanted to be in 1st person view so I will press E to enter and I will be in 1st person camera. I know it is difficult but anyway I am asking it. Thanks anyway...
  4. philiparas4

    Sun Shaft

    Well my actually problem is that I can't find any sun to attach it to my shafts caster neither when I search nor when I try to drag my skybox sunny3 up to the shafts caster.
  5. philiparas4

    Sun Shaft

    try before asking. Not working that's why I asked.
  6. philiparas4

    Sun Shaft

    Can I do this while having skybox?
  7. I am not an expert but I think you will need and some animations to achieve this.
  8. philiparas4

    Sun Shaft

    When you say sun you mean the directional light? Sorry for so long discussing but I haven't worked any other time with Untiy 3d.
  9. philiparas4

    Sun Shaft

    Well I even reinstalled it but nothing. Can you post an image of how to set up the sun shafts so I check if I have done anything wrong? I think I haven't done the part saying : "then you need to change the sun transform to the sun" . Any image on how to do this would be great .
  10. philiparas4

    Sun Shaft

    Same problem. But if I could it doesn't matter because it's on the main camera and not on the fps controller. So it wouldn't appear in my game. I psoted a second image showing nothing happens.
  11. philiparas4

    Sun Shaft

    Well still no effect [attachment=1]Sun Shaft.PNG[/attachment]
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