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  1. nekrosincoding


    That look good !! i want more update !!!!! <3 <3 <3
  2. Ahahah say what you want, i haven't proof at this time, but i don't trash for free, so i wish you the best !
  3. Hello everybody Please don't throw him ! 3 days ago he asked me for join her team and also enter in the team ! I asked him why don't use unity in very simple for me vecause i know the engine ! The ideas was mine"A part" at start they wanted to do tps realistic etcccccc.... That why he said that, so the night i try to organize the team, 2 answer me and one still discussing about another subject and don't want to answer me ... I said him," i want to know what you will do in this project ?" still don't answer me about that and be agressive, all others was agressive with me too ! and when i said "If i don't what he realy use in this project i leave " and they expulsed me without reason, they have 16 years old with mentality of 12 years old. One is stealing pro assets "Crack&Hack" with unityPro"hack too", they haven't knowledge except one have some talent in modeling with blender. i will dont try again to help them ! Sorry again for my english...
  4. Merci ! ahahah je savais pas qu'il y avait d'autre français, tu as des amis ici ?
  5. I fallen in love of YOU Little biography about me: My name is Hermann Vincent, im 18 year old, im live in Réunion Island and also im french, starting first year of university in Science and technology, I am currently in training for being project manager in game development, I love games type realistic role play but i love voxel game too ! When i created some little games for play with my friends, I used Cinema4d but i recently switched to Autodesk(Maya,Revit,3dsmax), I used nodejs with Construct 2. I started using unity since jannuary 2016, but for real december 2016. Its my first biography, dont judge me ahah. Why im on this forum ? I joined the comunity because, SERIOUSLY its fucking sad to never speak of programmation to anyone ! sometime i feel fucking bad, when i want to ask something to my friends about programmation and i know they haven't knowledge in that. OK i stop speak about that. The thing to understand, im not here for make trouble but for communicate, for help novice, for learning and for get fun. Why im falling in love ? Because its the first time i see a beautiful forum like that, someone have helped me and ty ! Hum and i want level up ahah. No seriously ! i think this forum can make me happy, thanks you.
  6. Hello, Oh ok i shouldn't also, because i hate that... Sorry @EmbersStudio have a great continuation.. Ty @BTEK
  7. Im actually doing a realistic fps, and competitive. but im alone maybe we can develop a game together and also make a solo and multiplayer.. sorry for my english
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