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  1. how the map will look in game when it's played. updating map and level.
  2. I'm thinking of updating this to a city. This is actually a large structure. The players would be way smaller in scale. Update on the game: I'm reworking a ton of stuff. I'm getting new music put into the game. I'm working hard sometimes. But I feel like I could work harder on this game. It seems it's getting some attention. it's picking up steam. I had to face a lot of obstacles and situations dealing with hard-drive failures and everything in between when I was developing. I even had to start over sometimes, many times actually. This is the type of work you have to put in, to make a possible legendary game. You have to promote the game, you have to work hard on modeling, and you have to put in some time, maybe to much time. Now, in some times, the legendary times, you do not have to work hard. Sometimes things happen the easy way. Hopefully, things will become easier and the ant army can attain epic glory.
  3. without the face mask. Not sure whether to have a character with a mask or not. Have to do some repto and level design work now.
  4. Yeah, t pose is the best bet when getting them ready for video games. It's not ready yet because I'm still working on its mesh and topology, I am rigging them myself with my own rig. I just need to topology the character and then weight, rig, and texture it to my liking, some say skin it before I animate it. What I'm going for is somewhat game ready so I can test it in multi-player, work from there, my brother helps on the code sid3. I like the direction I'm going with it and hopefully soon to test it in multi-player.
  5. work in progress on a fps shooter alien ant world.
  6. I'll work on more color variations gecko, I do agree. Going to spend tonight modeling it more. current progress on it
  7. If anyone is wondering why so many tri and vert it's because there are many ships iterations and objects inside the scene that i am working on. ship progress. AAW UPDATE: Currently I'm saving up funds for music for the game and trying to figure out other things like certain code and more networking solutions. So I'm not able to hire people right now as i have someone lined up to make music, but definitely check down the line for open contract positions. Check back soon for updates.
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