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  1. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Making different robot/mecha suits for the ants. https://alienantworld.itch.io/alienantworld
  2. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I am using the unity engine. I need custom realistic arm animations/weapon models for paid contract work, or per model work. Kickofthecage@aol.com is my email for discussion if interested.
  3. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Changed from a cartoon style to more realistic cartoon style. Picture update.
  4. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    https://alienantworld.itch.io/alienantworld Link to the new demo build of Alien ant world: Updated/polished graphics collide with mech to enter f2 to exitmech tab to switch mechweapons
  5. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    My graphics are nice as fuck. So are my models. I have tons of models and levels I am working on and have not implemented. It is a big game. Wait till you guys try my first protoype armor suit antmech(with all features enabled). You only played a fraction of my game.
  6. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Almost all the videos on my youtube are old. You can play my game on itch.io. I have a networked mutliplayer and single player. It's not that I think you all are haters, I think it's just bitterness from past experiences in game design and how the scene is. A defeatist mindset is not something I have, so that makes me a bit different. I am making a big world, and comparing my game is comparing apples to oranges in The fps scene. There are some stuff I need to work on, but the game will progress.
  7. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Your post has substance vendetta. I fully understand game design is not a cake walk.
  8. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    None of your games made even close to a million dollars. You guys actually Believe that copying the same formula will work and being bitter helps. That is the difference. A good visionary for gamedesign is the x factor here.
  9. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    That's just like yours guys opinion. #milliondolllar game.
  10. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    #antsforlife. Alien Ant weapon still looks better then the big budget games. I would pick the smilegun every time,what would a revolver do against the smilegun? #alienantworld.
  11. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    One of my weapon Models. A smile gun.
  12. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I already have a team. I just need to expand it. I am going to try to make it a million dollar game. Good luck to all.
  13. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I have to respect fully disagree. Each game has a different style. I'm not going for the generic fps look. People told me it's a good game. My style is completely different and shaders could be easily changed as well as lighting. I noticed a lot of negativity on the forum,but I just wanted to see how people here would respond. People do have skills here but...thank you.
  14. Hello all, This is AlienAntWorld. Take a look at my game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM5NAW7YJeo Id like to form a bigger team. All business will be conducted via email. All business will be a signed contract. To protect myself and yourself. All on 1-3 pages. Payment structure will be discussed privately. It will either be by paid contract work, or very small percent of sales. Let's say the game makes $50,000. How much would that be in profit split among many people? Not much. The contract will be a pay scale depending on sales, or paid contract for each task with no sales percentage. About me and my game: Alien Ant World is not just any generic shooter. It's a game crafted in pain, love, and passion lol. It's a dark game but it's probably suitable for all. I am a serious Indie developer, I have skills in modeling. All the models and textures that you see in game are custom built by me. I have a partner in the game. The character controller will either be modified or removed. 1:1-2 Animators/riggers(no mixamo) that is very important. 2: 1-2 Modelers. 3: Inventory specialist: What i mean by that is that when you place the inventory from the bag onto the character the actual fbx model shows on the char instead of colored mesh. For example a chest item that when equipped from the inventory shows up as an fbx model on the bones of the char and move with the char as a child or whatever you think is best. 4. Coder, or Networker. You can Direct Message me here and I will give you my contact info. Will post some images later. Thanks for taking a look, and I Hope everyone has success in game design.