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  1. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I'm thinking of buying a tablet to paint on.
  2. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Testing a concept animation/idea. The arms are from a dif character I have made.
  3. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    concept warrior ant Warrior Ant Design. front angle view...
  4. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    My concept city I made.
  5. need help for Battle Royal map

    I look forward to it. I hope it has success. Most games have someone else's work in some form on another. People use kits and it's ok, but you have to modify the kit. Not only that you have to have custom worlds/assets to make it your own. Value is subjective to the individual, and depends on having success based on work and promotion. Plus, That's my promotion angle.
  6. need help for Battle Royal map

    I have a copy with 20k-40k verts of it. LOL. You seriously do not know what your talking about. You keep talking crap but you literally have not had one successful game, stick to coding becuz you are talking nonsense. Even if you have some kinda clout in the asset store, you have not had one success yet. I am tired of you talking bs. Get one successful game in your belt. Even then You still do not know what you are talking about in terms of modeling. You code. Stick to that. You seem literally butthurt. All I have to do is post a model for you to coming running into the thread talking about something you just hear about. VERTY COUNT. MUH VERT COUNTS LOL. In the end i'll explain how vert counts with proper modeling principles lead to better results. First of all , most of these models just need textures and minor work depending on what you want to create. Secondly, a few are concepts. As labeled above. Third, there would be a high demand for the art/models if I did put things on the asset store depending on what I make. Lastly, the asset store is not where people make the most money. It's from game design outside of the assets store. 60-100k verts is not even a problem in modern games for modern characters. This is not the year 2010. You are stuck in the past. I understand you want some lower vert count, and that is easily attainable if you know what you are doing. But 40-60k should be the norm for advanced characters. at the least one-two character in a actual game. i really need to emphasize how models are actually are made by me. I'm going to Highlight this so you understand basic Modeling principles: You build first with a Higher vert count, then you lower the vert count with different steps. PLZ stop talking to me about modeling since you do not know anything about it.
  7. need help for Battle Royal map

    Level Design progress in my own game AAW. So yes my art "style" is different, but I create actual assets. Honestly, I have a lot of work already on my plate designing, so it's up to him and only him on what he wants. It's his choice and I already help people on the forum with general ideas and advice whether they listen or not. I may not even have the time to work on his project, but I plan to release assets at cost because I have skills and I know I do. I know how much 3d modeling work takes to produce, especially new assets.
  8. need help for Battle Royal map

    LOL How is he going to give out his money general? I can get paid for my work (textures, art, concepts, ideas, 3dmodeling, and levels). A basic level ranges up into the thousands. Especially artwork/custom textures/ minor animation/ 3-modeling. So what money am I getting exactly. Too funny. I could sell my assets on the asset store and make levels for people and double what I can make helping people. example one example two lower poly concept mekka/robot concept Mekka (basic coloring and no texture)
  9. need help for Battle Royal map

    If the game gets literally zero, then I do not expect for me to get anything in return. But obviously we would have something (assets/code etc)copyright. It wouldn't be a total loss for either you or me, iif we do decide to team up. But I have to see what you have so far, and if I have enough time to create a nice map for you.
  10. need help for Battle Royal map

    And if your game generates profit, we could use a percentage of the profits for advancement of the game. A step by step process in generating revenue and advancing your game to the next step of development. More maps, more characters, more items. "i just want any map just to finish and build the project then i will put it away like always" If we "partner" I'll control finances because I have a gut feeling you would release it for free, i'll contribute the money for steam, and registering the trademark if you actually have something that can work and is viable. All revenue will be split 50/50 between us. Any new team members would be approved by us, the team. That is how it would work if I was on the team. I'm not saying i'm "ON the Team", I would have to see the game and if we could work together, or if you agree for me to be on (I have not seen anything yet and this is just talking for right now). I'm just saying how I would run the game. It could be awesome and fun to create and maybe it wont generate money, but if it does, i'd like to protect all team members who join. I know I sound kinda asshole-ish , but I like having a team that gets a return/reward for there hard work and enjoy the fruits of there labor. I'm not against giving back to the community and plan on doing that, but protecting people, yourself and others is my main objective on any team.
  11. need help for Battle Royal map

    @amrtasser I'll make a basic map for your Game which is not related to aaw, but if you plan on selling, I would like name credit and some sale percentage, 40% percent ownership if it is commercial and you get 60% ownership since you will be the main owner if you are interested. it does not make sense to not try to make some profit if it's possible. Fun is the experience of seeing if it will generate success. And keep the networked map/code private between team members. If you release the code to the public, I'm not sure of the point of working on the game. What will the name be of the game??
  12. need help for Battle Royal map

    Is it entirely networked? A good map takes quite some time to make. First you would need a concept drawing, or general idea of the layout of how the map should look. You would need to have several characters, or at the least two to start with. Depends on the quality of the map you have have a vision for. Maybe explain to the perspective you see it as or vision you have with some pictures. What percentage of sales will be split among the team members if you are not planning on paying per asset. If you have a working prototype, some people may want to join. At this time, I'm working full time on my game, but this may be interesting depending on whats already accomplished. You should show some pictures or show something which may interest someone.
  13. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Bag + Belt Prototype for the game.
  14. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    What I did was model some new buildings for the "mecks" (they are robots like them, but called something else) Modeled two space ships. Added a few textures, but this is low poly. What I need to do is add cool textures, as this is just basic colors to make things pop and then add a nice shader to the materials. I got to also fix some imperfections near one building. Textured the spaceship more. ^^^^ building Different variations in color. A sun salter, mystical unknown dino in AAW