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  1. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I will stop Posting for now. Once it reaches 5,000 views i will probably post an update. The game is going to grow, i'm sorry to tell you guys. I know it may hurt the non believers, but the energy I have is to strong. You are the ones who keep replying though. It's you guys who keep coming back to the thread to post and are obsessed with the game. You guys are more into the game then myself, and the game has not fully started on development. The energy I have instilled on this forum is going to be remembered. You will remember this game. AAW. Some of you may even dream about AAW. One of the campaigns I have going is What IS AAW? What the HEll is it? can anyone answer the question. I seriously do not know!
  2. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    3,330 views my boys. You see other threads breaking at over 3,000 views on the first page? It broke my first prediction of 3,000 views. The game is Gold you guys, Gold. I know it's not at the number we need of 7,000 views yet. I need the Ant army to get pumped up. Yes all of you ant warriors. I need the energy. Some of my energy was stolen last night, but today we have some new energy and I need all of your energy my people. 1 view = 1 alien like 2 views = sexy game 3 views = ants are sweet 4. views = alien ant world domination combination of all views = This game is GOLD. So I'm going to wait for it to break the 4,000 views and I know the ant kingdom and army will do it. I know the energy in all of you are strong and frankly, I don't think I tried hard enough. I think I have been lacking in the energy department. We need Insane Lvl energy. Join the train. the ant train. And yes, we ants are going to run over the comp, and the game is not even complete yet. That is why I knows it's GOLD. GOLD. 777777777
  3. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Guys, I still think I have not convinced you guys. I think I need to do more convincing. I need everyone to get into an energy stance. be more power then goku. I need yall to be energy. Go look at a song that pumps you up. Get that energy mah bois. I need yall to go find a history book. I need you to go find one and just put alien ant world somewhere into it. I need you to do it to any book. Maybe a bathroom stall. tell a random site, or place. tell if about the word. I need you to spread the word of the ant. Then one day, when the earth is done, they can find the symbol of the ants. nothing illegal of course. If it's illegal do not do it. A legend made this symbol, it was not me, but this is the word of the ants. I am only one ant. I need more ants to join in my movement. \ / @@_ ___ (_)(___) || ||\\ ANT GANG TAKING OVER
  4. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Get on the fuckin Train bois. We can make this game be the next big thing. 7,000 Views bois. I need 7,000 views. Let's reach the magical number. I need yall bois to get on the train and get that number. 7,000 Views. All my the fans and non fans. Lets get this to 7,000 Views. 4,000 views? -alright. 5,000 views? -ok bruddas 6,000 Views? -We almost there 7,000 views ?- This is it.
  5. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Ok, I looked that up, and someone already has "Now is the time". So.... hmmmmm i'll get back to yah later
  6. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I don't dream small. I dream big. It's time to dream big. Guys, I already had a quote stolen from me....it was "can we Make America great again", But I guess trump can keep it. It's time for a new quote. And I looked it up on google the new quote will be "There is no time for small dreams. It's a time to dream big." So my new slogan is "Time to dream big"
  7. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I took a look at the input bois. I listened. I know some textures r shit, but some are amazing. I know it. Now, it's time for me to create and honestly, I never have the time. But I'm going to make the time bois. The time is now, for me. Fuck the negative input, it's time to shine. My games is upnext.
  8. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I'm thinking it either makes 1 million or 4 million. With the right resources and funding, could be bigger then minecraft with my skillset.
  9. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    It will....
  10. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    So you show an old model? lol. that model can be fixed and is awesome concept modeling. if you say you studied the materials you would know how to fix that model to get rid of the vertex/line imperfections like I know how too. Also, as a modeler you would know how to use old models and make them into better models. So what expert are you? When you say you study unreal and unity. What exactly do you study? So I proved right there if you were a real modeler you would understand how to make a better model out of it. But clearly, you do not seem like a modeler. I hope you are not one of those people that steal another persons art and say, look I can do better when it's not your own. I probably already had some of my textures taken and used for games, or concepts that I don't know about and already took measures to protect them by adding name encryption. That model that you just showed could turn into a amazing model. Any real modeler would know that if they have experience like I do. I'm not the best yet, but I plan on working on my modeling some more, but like i said anyone who has been modeling long as me would know how to fix small issues and turn concept models into something amazing. As far as about unity and unreal. I model and do some-animation. I do not focus on the engine, but other contractors, or team-mates focus on issues with coding and other things. I study all the general areas though. About Life: Life is what you make of it. I know there are sacrifices that need to be made. A lot of people here work hard, some work harder then others. I know that separates people. But there is a small difference. Some people have more talents then others. Some people have more luck. I'm trying to help you understand that just because a majority fail, does not mean someone will not make it. Some of you here today, will make it. Edit: Also, some people do not work hard at all but pretend to work. Reason I'm doing it: To own several lambos. Yes, it has potential to make a lot of money. So I am investing into it. That is a small part. Otherwise it's to make an awesome game even if it does deliver to my expectations of making money. Sometimes notoriety in game design is worth more then the money itself. Even if I made 0. Just a name to add to what I did. This game should not be a regular game. It's an FPS multiplayer shooter with different elements in it. It's backstory is about AI overtaking different worlds, but ants having to deal with not only the war that is on there own planet with different creatures and beings, but AI that caused a great development and chaos in the ants timeline and world.
  11. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    I cannot wait to release the game too. Once I finish up the three levels for multiplayer and have the controller and everything set up. Cannot wait for the amount of salt to harvest for my meme farm in alien ant world. It's going to be epic my boi. The ants will harvest the salt, to build there big cities, which are actually controlled by AI. Obviously the grasshoppers, which is a different race will fight in a bloody war with the ants for land. There shit teir posts will be nothing to the great game that is alien ant world. The game is going to be multiplayer, so maybe check back in a year once the game gets more polished and the controls and all the code is there. Ants vs grasshopper would be the first races. I may end up having echnidas in the game too.
  12. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Alien Ant World on itch.io.
  13. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Fact is. There is no game like mine. fact is all all the texture is custom, as well as the models. Most games do not have custom stuff. fact is with a nice shader, the game is going to look amazing. I love the the passion and anger you guys have for my game. It's so shit and crappy it resides at close to 3,000 views. I see no project here that is equal to mine in terms of how much people post in it and debate it. Actually you guys need to learn from me if anything. If I dedicated to my craft more then 1 hour out of the week it would be the best game. There are tons of threads here, yet none of them have the views that mine has. One of the reasons is because I have the passion and goals to reach to the stars and you can't. Like I said, it has to do with a visionary mind and spirit that not anyone has. Not everyone can be a doctor. That shows something. Instead of being butt-hurt and bitter you maybe can learn how to make better games, you had a chance to join a legendary game but are just crying like pansies. You remind me of people that see nice cars, and talk bad about them. Or people who see a big house and talk bad because they live in a trailer. Look, whether you are in the dirt or high up you can make something out of yourself's instead of being babies, I'm not making fun of your talents, or skills. You are in my thread, not the other way around. It's the risks you take. If you do not want to join the game, fine. Then please shut up and leave my thread. If you want to continue and be proud of something you have done that shows, then go ahead and join, and i'd provide an email for contact. I have a new email, and it's no longer kick. So you have a chance. You can take the chance, or you can be left behind with a game no ones ever heard of. Johan: 1) What game is more advanced then mine? Are you talking about the assets, and controllers that are not even original that everyone has? 2) The game demo has first person shooting in it. Has custom abilities for each weapon, just not shown in the demo build of the game. Needs animations for weapons and movements (swimming, walking, running, gun sway) 3) Needs a custom controller. but as far as projectiles, it already has that. I'm not saying it does not need improvement. 4) character will have several custom abilities. TDLR: Either join into something great and be a part of something legendary, then join, if not, please stfu and continue working on the projects you were working on. I'm not like the rest of the people who you guys mock and there games. look around for yourself.
  14. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Thanks geckoo, I respect everyone's skill here, and I do hope everyone does well and improve on there craft. I feel like with enough luck and skills I can transform AAW into something great.
  15. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    on a more serious note, AAW is on a break right now, so check back later for maybe getting a chance to be a part of, or work on a legendary game.