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  1. If anyone is wondering why so many tri and vert it's because there are many ships iterations and objects inside the scene that i am working on. ship progress. AAW UPDATE: Currently I'm saving up funds for music for the game and trying to figure out other things like certain code and more networking solutions. So I'm not able to hire people right now as i have someone lined up to make music, but definitely check down the line for open contract positions. Check back soon for updates.
  2. Making assets for other games too. Made by dk
  3. Just started working back on AAW. Holy crap, thanks for the views! you guys reached almost 8,000.
  4. Theantman


    I'm not on my computer to download it, but it looks cool and is an interesting concept.
  5. I don't know why my game is mentioned as it will be the future of fps shooters and gaming. _sincerly, alien ant world
  6. Advancing my prototype city + robot/big mekka
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