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  1. Hello, themars2011, I am Gabriel Ribeiro, I live in Brazil. I can Translate for Portuguese/Brazil, or Portuguese/Portugal Contact: JGabrib@outlook.com
  2. I Want to Hear About Your Project Hello, I am Gabriel Ribeiro, Unity Veteran, I started working on Unity when i was only 14 years old, My feeling in that moment was "I will do a game better than fallout", few years later i saw that early experience like a chance to work with the thing that i love. And here i am!.Work Experience I worked on three personal projects:, RPGs/FPS 4+ years, FPS 2 year, 3D Plataformer 6 months. File Serializations and Deserialization, (Game Saves). Data Management. Small prototypes and system clean for several companies. Others. Skills Unity C# GIMP Blender Audacity What i'm seeking Simple Projects Prototypes Bug Fixes Game Mechanics Procedural Systems UI Tools And More. Hardware Windows (Desktop) Gamepad (XBOX 360,XBOX ONE,PS4) Android Phone (Mobile) Portfolio http://jgabr.portfoliobox.net/Contact me JGabrib@outlook.com
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