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  1. Any Idea for moving HUD script

    Watch this video https://youtu.be/v1_MqLoMvKU
  2. Any Idea for moving HUD script

    okay, make an empty game object in the canvas and move the hud elements into the game object. You will apply it to the game object.
  3. Any Idea for moving HUD script

    Maybe this will help, This is what I use for mine, Be sure to name the script "HUDMovement" in C#. //Embers Studio using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class HUDMovement : MonoBehaviour { public float HUDTiltAngle = 0.005f; public float HUDSmoothComplexity = 1f; void Update() { float tiltX = Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * HUDTiltAngle; float tiltY = Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * HUDTiltAngle; Quaternion target = Quaternion.Euler(tiltY, tiltX, 0); transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.localRotation, target, Time.deltaTime * HUDSmoothComplexity); } }
  4. EXE Crashes?!

    There deleting asset editor add ons. that helps me
  5. Weapon - Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha Wolf 

    okay. I didn't know
  6. Weapon - Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha Wolf 

    If it was a rip, it would have not made it on the asset store?...
  7. Weapon - Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha Wolf 

    Oh yes @fennixx these are totally Counter Strike hands that I ripped from the asset store and lost 10 dollars too. No, these are not counterstrike hands. Im tired of everyone accusing people of ripping models. I know I used to use ripped models and I have said I will be replacing them with my my own eventually. I bought the fps hands from the asset store, and guess what, it comes with a free commercial license and I have email them to be sure. so shush
  8. Weapon - Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha Wolf 

    Refractured - Embers Studio Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha Wolf New Weapon, Tell me what you think! I appreciate it! Added a new sight.
  9. Fps assault Arms Pack Issue

    I know what your problem is, Change the camera render near distance to .001
  10. 416-3 Carbine (Rainbow 6 Siege)

    Very nice, I love Rainbow Six, Definitely downloading!
  11. Admin Panel Advice

    maybe you can layer it as adminUI and set the script with the admin controls for admins that only interact with adminUI. But you might need to set up an admin camera and set it as the screen overlay camera on adminUI Canvas to show up on only that canvas. Sorry if it doesn't make sense, Im kind of bad at explaining things.
  12. Noveske NSR Assault Rifle

    oh shit, id love this
  13. WIP Voxel FPS game

    I need to make mine
  14. Redesigning

  15. Paxitium Update Videos

    this game reminds me of Rust!