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  1. thanks for your answer, However, when you use the 'PlayerShader' as shader, your 3D model is no more impacted with ambient lighting inside the scene.. and as you can see in the last screenshot it's an ugly rendering. What I really want to achieve is to be able to have a good looking 3D Model using the 'PlayerShader' shader instead of unity standard one (as it's the case for the violet car). By the way, when you use the standard unity shader on the violet car, it looks like a burned car: and it looks burned too inside the 3ds Max: Regards,
  2. Hi, Being new to Unity development world, I'm trying to figure out more details about how shaders work. I'll give a concrete example of what I don't understand. This is a picture of a car inside a game and the shader used to render textures: let's say for example I've got a new nice looking Quad made inside 3Ds Max or any 3D Modeling software: First of all, when I drag this beautiful Quad to the game, with standard shader, it looks weird and not the same as in the 3D Modeling Software: When I change the shader to 'PlayerShader' [The same as the original violet model], I get this ugly result too : So, I have basically the following questions: 1- All those behaviors are due to shaders? why don't we get the same rendering result as in the 3D Software? 2- What should I do if I want to make the new Model looks as stunning and nice as the original violet model? Thanks in advance for reading this, Regards,
  3. Finally, I managed to resolve the issue. The problem came from the Facebook SDK AndroidManifest that was inside an .aar file Regards,
  4. Hi, I'm trying to add facebook sdk to a game project in unity. The game already has a PlayerServicesResolver Folder and a FacebookSDK floder in 'Library' root. As the facebook sdk already contains its play services folder. I deleted both of thoses files and imported the last facebook SDK Version 7.13 But, when I'm trying to build the game. I got the following error: "CommandInvokationFailure: Failed to re-package resources." I tried to open the editor log (Joined below), but failed to recognise the source of the problem. The only thing i have a doubt about is the following line in the report: AndroidManifest.xml:50: Tag <provider> attribute authorities has invalid character '$'. But, I can't find any androidManifest file in the project that contains a $ character. Any help please? I'm really interested to learn how can I fix this kind of issues as I usually have them whenever I try to integrate the facebook SDK, especially when I try to combine it with OneSignal SDK. Best Regards, report.txt
  5. Thanks for your explanations. Actually, the problem was that I was using the first model animation controller. And the animations inside that controller were referencing the first model .. So I just changed the animations to the new imported model and it worked properly. Regards,
  6. What I meant by exporting fbx from unity is simply going to the Assets File and copy the model FBX file and open it in blender. That's really weird .. do you mean that opening this fbx in Blender or Maya could corrupt the file? I just imported the model. In maya, the animations work well.
  7. Hi, I'm having a weird issue with a 3d model. When I import it inside unity, In the preview Tab the animation seems to work fine (as show in picture). But When I put the model in the scene and try to play the animation, The mesh disappear and only a kind of bone structure is left (joined picture). anyone has an idea why please? EDIT: to give more info about how did I got here. As I'm learning, I took the working model with animation FBX file from unity and Import it inside Blender. Then I re-exported it inside Unity and I got this problem. Regards,
  8. Thank you all for your answers. I have sucessfully implemented the code. As I'm using 5.6 on this project, I had to use the WWW class to get the texture. By the way, I have another question: Is it possible to save the gathered data (sprite and string) inside the device storage? so that the next time, if the internet is disabled the mobile will use the saved data. Regards,
  9. thank you so much for those guidelines. i will apply them as soon as possible. However, do you have an idea how can handle the file hosting part? I mean I'd like to be able to modify the content of the file that contains imageUrl and link without changing the file link (inside the game): Dropbox or google Drive won't do it as the link change every upload and you can't directly modify the file. Regards,
  10. Hi, thanks for your sharing point of view. Actually, that's what I tought about in the first place, just uploading a page somewhere where I could change from time to time the data (game link and icon url) while keeping the same url of this file. But, I want to know how to handle the coding part in Unity? you know opening a web page, getting a png image and inserting it inside the image component..etc Regards,
  11. Thank you for this awesome playlist. I have started to learn from it. I get a weird error, I fail to get the two columns having a VARCHAR type data. It works fine for INT Type (ID and Cost Columns). Here is the line when I get the error: echo "ID: ".$row['ID']. " Name: ".$row['Name']. " Type: ".$row['Type']. " Cost: ".$row["Cost"]. "<br>"; Secondly, I'd like to know how to handle data other data types like images and insert them inside the database? Regards,
  12. thanks for your answer, any guide or help: where to search if I want to learn how to do so? Regards,
  13. Hi everyone, I'm looking to build a very simple cross promotion system with the following idea: Create any canevas containing few icons of other of your games with a clickeable game icon. This canevas could be triggered by a click on a more games button or anything else. The part where I have difficulties is that I want the games that will be shown to be controlled by me. in other words, I'd like to put the game icon link and game Url outside the game code itself and be able to update the shown games whenever I want without Updating the game inside the store. I have never done such stuff before, so I'm wondering how could I get a png from a url and put it inside the image component? and also update the Urls to the relevant one Regards,
  14. Do you have any tips to make the size of a text depends of the screen resolution ?
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