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  1. Solay

    Digital Ocean

    Decided to try the $5 plan. Managed to get wordpress running in 15 minutes and the speeds in which everything runs is incredible. My own pc in a lan connection doesnt load wordpress pages this fast. I highly reccomend them.
  2. Solay

    Digital Ocean

    Hey guys/gals/everyone in-between, I'm currently hosting 9 client websites and am looking at shifting to a VPS with Digital Ocean. Before I do that I wanted to see if anyone here has used them before as i'm keen to know what their performance and customer service is like. Cheers.
  3. Just gave it a test and it ran at 12fps using a GTX1060 haha
  4. So in other words, you know little to nothing about making a game and have decided to learn by making a highly complex shooter. On top of that, you want someone who is very experienced and capable of making decently difficult models to come on board and make the game for you... Start learning Unity through small projects, like a Tetris game or something. It will pay off in the long run, and you'll be able to create portfolios for prospective team members to analyse. On and @BlackMamba97 I'm not sure why you would like my comments to be creative but uhh here's a poem, I guess... Oh my beloved belly button. The squidgy ring in my midriff mutton. Your mystery is such tricky stuff: Why are you so full of fluff?
  5. Wait, so exactly what do either of you do? One drags objects (made by other people) from one point to another, and another is working solely on the menus UI... With all due respect, learn to code, model, or anything other than point and click. Cheers.
  6. Create an empty scene with a button, and an event. Then create an HTML document with a button and an event. You'll notice the difference straight away. Surely i'm not going insane. I've noticed it more in my current project, which is a UI for a mobile phone, as part of a game i'm making.
  7. Personal I believe that Unity UI is not really capable of creating good software. Even clicking a button feels weird at times, as if there is some sort of latency or frame restriction across the interface. I recommend you to take an Electron approach, it's an html, css, javascript tool that lets you create feature rich software. It's what Discord uses.
  8. Hey, Here's a few mock designs I did for an identity card, and credit card. These were inspired after playing Arma3 PsySyn Network - an arma3 life mode. Cheers.
  9. Should I be expecting a reply to my previous comment?
  10. "we are in need of experienced developers who are looking for pay (Maybe) " - Might be interested, what would the hourly rate be? "ll members will receive a portion of the money that the game makes, (If it is payed)" - So will the portions be based on experience/contribution? An experienced developer should not be making the same as an inexperienced developer. Also, as team member what is your background in game development/project management? I would like to see past work in order to ensure that the game will be completed. Thanks.
  11. When designing websites i go for a mobile first approach, hence the reason I thought of screen sizing beforehand.
  12. Not at all, i'm using Screen.width to differentiate screen sizes and swapping canvases. I currently have a tablet/desktop version although it looks terrible on a design level. I'm unaware if this will cause issues, but for now it works good.
  13. Cheers, The drag and drop ui in unity really makes it easy. Also due to it being a game engine you can easily connect it to a database to simulate the real thing, like I did in this example.
  14. Hello. I have downloaded the Unity game engine after seeing videos of it's drag and drop UI system, and having the idea to use Unity as a mock up tool for my app and website design. This allows for an easy, yet simple way to create mock up designs for clients instead of my normal Photoshop static files, or Adobe XD. To practice I designed a basic news reading app in Unity, with no other software, which was very difficult for someone who has been designing websites and apps on PSD and Illustrator for many years. None the less, check out what I have created below. Enjoy.
  15. *psychic, now you have me confused haha
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