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  1. R32 Render

    Lol it's not supposed to be a car game this is just a render I did on blender ik you posted this a long time ago but yeah
  2. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Art can be whatever you want it to be, and this is an example of it. Sure the mechanics are a bit iffy but can become a great psychological game this game reminds of me LSD: Dream Emulator here is some gameplay of it
  3. R32 Render

    Tried to aim for a more low poly look yeah
  4. R32 Render

    A render of an R32 model made by me
  5. Some 3D models I have made

    Here are some crappy renders I made to showcase some of my models, what do you guys think? This one below isn't a render but a print screen I took in Substance Painter
  6. Our Team Logo, NEED OPINIONS

    I have been using photoshop since I first got my pc but never really used It on a wide scale, I personally really like the shadows. But thanks for the feedback
  7. Our Team Logo, NEED OPINIONS

    Yeah that was intentionally spelt that way, strange but unique
  8. Our Team Logo, NEED OPINIONS

    We're making an open world sci-fi game at the moment but when I was designing this I was experimenting with the gradients and achieved this nice look
  9. Anybody want to make a game?

    Nice drawings man!, anyway I could join your team but im still new to Unity, but im pretty familiar with Photoshop (I actually use Paint.NET with a crap ton of plugins) So I can make logos or textures of some sort for your game, also Im good with Skechup, not a lot but I can design buildings for you and port them to Blender if that's necessary Pm me if you're planning of adding me to your team, I can send you my steam via pm
  10. Need A 3d Modeler

    Aww that's a shame, well good luck with your project!
  11. Need A 3d Modeler

    What software do you want us to model the stuff in, because I might do it...
  12. LIMIT - Open World Racer (Probably)

    Like I said, I have no big plans for this game and I work on it on my free time. And okay no one can make me car physics fine end of story. Anyway this is really just an experiment If I wanted to make a game properly I wouldn't say it's just for fun or I couldn't bother to do a certain thing on it, chill out guys. Nope looked at tutorials on certain things I wanted in the game and I learned on how to do it, of course I used some assets from the asset store but whats the point of making a game purely out of free assets? No acomplishment in that whatsoever. Most of the design related stuff is made by me or taken from another game by me (ripping 3d models from games, using textures from certain games or making them myself with Photoshop etc...) Also, this is one of my first games I made so my limited knowledge is limiting my creativity and certain Ideas on the game that it can have but can't since I don't know how to make it work, and with the Tutorials being made mostly for Unity 4 or something related doesn't help the situation either... Anyway, just wanted to show this to other people and see what they think, and I want to wish you all good luck in whatever Unity projects you're working on!
  13. LIMIT - Open World Racer (Probably)

    No man, sorry
  14. LIMIT - Open World Racer (Probably)

    Oh, if I put the effort in i can make car physics but like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. And trust me I have most of the links are either : dead,removed,out of date and so on
  15. LIMIT - Open World Racer (Probably)

    I've been working on this game for about a week now, not on any schedule what so ever. This game was more of an accident really, I just started playing around with unity and kinda made that game and so I decided to work on it further Right now the only thing holding the project back is the Car Physics, it's been very hard to get car physics that suit the needs for my game and all of the constantly updated assets are Paid on the asset store and I don't want to pay 50Eur just to make my car go vroom , I really don't want to make car physics by myself since i'm still new to Unity, and barely understand C# or JS so if anyone can do me a solid and make an arcadey, semi realistic car physics system that'l be greaaaaaat! Here are some screen shots prepare to be shocked