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  1. Hi, I am Kenny Carman. I need to create a team to collaborate with and help finish this FPS Game I am currently developing called Reborn. If you are in please contact me at Kennyc00067@gmail.com What I need: Modeler (0/2) Texture (0/2) Animator (0/2) Script (0/2) C# Network (0/2) *** I will be animating, modeling, and designing the levels. (If you have any ideas, don't be shy, I'm open to plenty)*** Modeler - Should be able to model modern weapons and attachments along with map props. Texture - Should be able to create textures for the models. Animator - Should be able to animate weapons, arms, players, props, cut scenes, etc.. Script/Network - Should be able to create all necessary scripts for an advanced FPS game. Payment The money we make when the first update and newer are released, we will split. Exp. v1.0.0 = $x(Money), x/10 = Your pay *Contract will be signed to ensure safety during development and release of the game* The images below is what I got done through my free time for the past week and a half. Most of the scripts and models are mine, Some Models and scripts are from the FPS Kit and Store.
  2. Hi, I'm Kenny! I'm fifteen from the US and I could help with the modeling, animating and Level design.
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