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  1. In my defense, I was thinking Profit Sharing. But yes I'm trying to build SOME skill
  2. I'll tell you what, I'll go and do my research, find all the roles needed and work on my concept, then after I have a good and thorough understanding of things, I'll try this again. Sound like a good idea?
  3. I don't have the time, but I do have the willingness and even though it's a fps, it's a reasonably small project. I don't have any experience, but the only way to get some is by doing something, it's part of the learning process.
  4. This is small, the smallest, how smaller can I do? This is the only start I have available!
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a team to help make a fps. I my self tried programming a while ago, but failed. So I have NO experience making games, but I do have a solid concept and many other ideas. The roles I need are... Artist Weapons Programmer A.I Programmer Character model Programmer Environment Programmer Lighting Expert Coding Programmer I'm not trying to make the next call of duty, but I do want to make a solid game and basically start something in life. If you want more details, pm me. Thanks
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