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  1. welcome to the our comunity
  2. Idk really what can i do with that but try to play around a bit with the texture size: when you click Textures>AddTextures>Then select you textures and under the actual textures you should see some options to scale and tile the texture. I hope this helps
  3. No problem , i like to help others to solve a problem
  4. Who ? She ? A girl just stands there ? I cant see any problems with that
  5. AA-12,ACR,M4A1,AKS74U,AK47,UZI,BIZON PP-19,BLOCKY GUN SOS,BENELLI M4,Thompson 1911,Colt 1911,Desert Eagle,Berreta m9,sis,scorpion,glock 17,18,fiveseven,walter p5,m40a5,ots-14 gorza,m14,xm8,..
  6. Here is it just copied and then pasted. This is just an example of the parokur with animations.
  7. I think as same as you,FPS is better,you should start wokring on the prototype to learn how to code and so,there are some really good tut out there in youtube i suggest you: RemixGames,SuperroBlox,SpeedTotur,Brackleys,MRxTeaBag,TornadoTwin,UnityKnowHow,EtteskiTutorials,JesseEtlerz0,misterninjaboy,TechzoneTV,BlueGurardianGamez and so.....
  8. hahahhahhahahahahahhahahahaahha you have +1 from me ahhahahaha
  9. OMA omg you are also here ;D Yeah I really dont like those bad reputations I dont know why do I have them but I think that is not fair.Can you please reset my reputation point so I have 0 neutral point ? I am sorry if I was rude but sometimes I get annoyed by someone.
  10. The mechanim system is not so important it is useless (for me) I saw some videos about it and it looks to complicated really why do i need it for developing FPS game ?
  11. GTFO ! It is not as bad as his.Please get the fuck off ! That was just a suggestion ! You are HATERS yeah that is the turth !
  12. Your English is a.... LEARN THE ENGLISH !!! The one of the rules of this forum is "You can only speak English or Latvian". I really really don`t understand you,I don`t know if you are joking or what ? Try to learn the English better so everybody can understand you and your English looks like trolls one. That is just a suggestion.
  13. very very useful for those who are creating survival style game really cool
  14. I really don`t know if that is smart idea.It costs a lot it is really expenice if you have money and you are kinda rich sure it worth it but if you are kinda poor that is too expenice.
  15. It is not that easy,it is really complicated script first you need camera controller,script that will make you tank model movable,script for the turrets that will shoot projectiles and couse damage to other objects
  16. Not really ! You should start with the FPS game.
  17. Give us a full code so we can see what is happening in there.
  18. looks damm good really nice gun it fantastic thone hands woah really great
  19. This is more for the Minecraft style game btw nice "weapons" and textures.
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