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  1. this is why you should use version control
  2. Of course you can. The server just needs to run on ARMv6 for Raspberry Pi 1 and ARMv7 for the Raspberry pi 2. But unity applications can't run on it, because Unity currently does not support ARM
  3. Ben25

    Unity 5 Beta

    But Unity has still a way better usability
  4. I choose it because it's user friendly and the multiplatform support is great. So it's very easy to port a game to any platform. I even use it sometimes for apps that are not games, because so i just have to develop it once and easily build it for all platforms
  5. I like the idea with drones. This could be really fun to play. Unfortunately i'm not a good designer/modeler :/
  6. Awesome new features. The only thing that's missing for me is a improved terrain engine. Please vote for this http://feedback.unity3d.com/suggestions/improved-unity-terrain-core-engine
  7. Better vote for this: http://feedback.unity3d.com/suggestions/improved-unity-terrain-core-engine This is more important
  8. Do you have a tip how to fade the material out?
  9. Has anyone a idea how to create a bullet trace effect when shooting a raycast? I tried it with a linerenderer, but it looks pretty weird.
  10. Great for mobile, but i need aircrafts with with a little bit higher quality for my game. Do you have also plans for a pack with higher quality for desktop games?
  11. I need a 3d aircraft hangar model i can't find a good and cheap one nowhere
  12. If it's really secure the NSA will do everything they can to stop this technology Current encryption could be more secure, but the NSA already has weakend encryption standards.
  13. Ben25


    It would be nice if the forum have tapatalk installed. With the App i have always my favorite forums in one place on my smartphone. http://www.tapatalk.com/
  14. thats a lot, but i had scenes in unity with a few million verts and no fps drop
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