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    Link is down! Will change my review afterwards once I can actually try it!
  1. This is player controller based, was looking for something rigidbody specific.
  2. Hey everyone, I was looking to add a no clip movement method to debug in my game using rigidbody, I haven't been able to find any similar code to base it on so I decided I would ask over here how to reproduce rigidbody no clip movement in unity, I just need the actual movement part. Thanks in advance!
  3. Yes it does, they are vanilla but I could for sure use thoses, thanks!
  4. I know this is somewhat of and odd request but I'd like to request a "stylised surf ramp" Basically it is a triangular prism shaped object, would use this in the main menu for my game! You can do it the way you want it as long as it has a similar shape has the image above and the final part is 90degrees. For the style you can literally do anything you want, be creative, it could even be split in the middle. P.S. Feel free to ignore this haha!!
  5. It is definitely possible but far from "easily". I've looked a bit around and people seem to say it would be a very long thing to do, you'd have to redo so many things from the player animation, weapon movement, camera, etc. I was looking for a more realistic alternative that wouldn't take a month minimum to complete. I guess I just wont use UFPS, it dosen't save time at this point.
  6. Yes it does have velocity but you can't set it the same way, also what would you suggest to replace cc with rigidbody over 30 different files with many lines of code to have the least editing to do as possible, in most instances it wouldn't just work refactoring because you can't use rbody.move() and there are most likely many methods that differ aswell...
  7. Hey everyone, I have been working on a movement code that now works perfectly that is done with rbody movement, my issue is that I want to merge it with UFPS which uses a charactercontroller, what would be the best way to do this considering UFPS has a very big source code and that the movement I achieved with the rbody is most likely not reproduceable using a character controller since it uses rbody.velocity and also sets it, thanks!
  8. Also still looking for help if anyone knows how to tackle this!
  9. Here I messaged you with a much more specific description that hopefully, helps you to understand better on what were actually struggling if you think you can help with it, but I think you misunderstood where the issue, I assumed you were familiar with thoses mechanics since you said you understood but it was a bad explaination on my part, sorry about that.. :/
  10. Thanks man, will give it a try, where can I contact you the most easily?
  11. Oh didn't see the first part of your message, yeah sorry I still don't fully understand how everything works so my explainations are always bound to be somewhat subjective, the idea is really recreating that dynamic movement that dosen't seem to exist in all of the new games that made all thoses games so much more dynamic even though they were made 10+ years ago Also english is not my first language enhance why I wanted to discuss this in real time to make sure you understood what I meant ^^
  12. Much appreciated man, if you have any questions or need anything I definitely know a bit about what works best and what dosen't work and will gladly provide anything that might help, your help really means a lot after all the work we put into this!
  13. @Heimerdinger Oh yes I'm willing to do this, no problem, just didn't want to overload the thread with this. Basically I want to recreate the type of movement that was present in very old games such as natural selection, cs 1.6, most goldensrc games, quake and such. Every attempt I made were either not fluid enough, the accelerations felt off in mechanics such as bunnyhopping, certain directions of strafing would completely stop you, strafing too fast would cause you to lose all your speed, etc. They all had different issues but never all of them. The thing is, with the way movement works I'm not able to just take the good from each system and get it to work, it has to work as a whole since the actual part that affects the movement is often very short but ultimately has a huge impact. If that wasn't enough I can explain more if needed or discuss it over steam or discord if it's more simple, are you a bit familiar with thoses mechanics?
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