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  1. no need i downloaded it by turning on my pc for overnight...
  2. you say that it runs bad *ONLY IN VIDEO* but it runs just fine in *YOUR PC*, and i think it is not because of the ram. 8GB is more than enough to run such a file. It can be one of these problems:- 1 - If you do not experience any lags while recording, but the video output has lags, then your screen capturing software's FPS settings may not be as it should be [I prefer recording in 60fps when you have 8 gigs of ram...] or it might be that you need a new software 2- If you experience lags as soon as you start recording, then It may be that your CPU could not handle the software [In such cases you have only 2 choices - 1.upgrade the CPU 2.change the software][please mention your recording software and your CPU] Most of these softwares do not use ram much, but demand a lot of cpu performance ~PraneshArry* *Unity student & Hardware and software Engineer.
  3. Can I have a torrent link so that I can Download it faster...
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