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  1. this link you used?!/content/90214
  2. so i guess use the link, tell me f it worked. make sure to play around with it tho
  3. if you are using unity 5.60 then use this!/content/90214 hopefully it will work
  4. What version of unity are you using
  5. Im going to keep looking around
  6. What standard asstes are you using
  7. What does your error say does it say Assets/Standard Assets/2D/Scripts/Platformer2DUserControl.cs(3,27): error CS0234: The type or namespace name `CrossPlatformInput' does not exist in the namespace `UnityStandardAssets'. Are you missing an assembly reference?
  8. Acually dont click there yet
  9. Look here
  10. I'd believe there would be one in the unity pre made assets.!/content/32351
  11. look at some tutorials, there are alot here. And i guess you would be trying some of your own things to.