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  1. thnks and for the record i hate heimerdinger can only bbeat him with nunu
  2. Im getting this error "not all code paths return a value"for the get statement in the InputManager function. using System.Collections; using UnityEngine; public class GameManager { private GameObject gameObject; private static GameManager m_Instance; public static GameManager Instance { get { if(m_Instance == null) { m_Instance = new GameManager(); m_Instance.gameObject = new GameObject("gameManager"); m_Instance.gameObject.AddComponent<InputManager>(); } return m_Instance; } } private InputManager m_InputManager; public InputManager InputManager { get { if(m_InputManager == null) { m_Instance.gameObject.AddComponent<InputManager>(); return m_InputManager; } } } }
  3. Well I really just want to make a game that i want to play. I dont really care how long it will take or if a bunch of people play it, I'm not in it to make money if I do well that would be great. It's just I have been mulling over Ideas in my head for a while now and Drawing up these design Documents with detailed descriptions of the game play, I narrowed it down to the 2 I want to play most.
  4. Well I have 2 different designs for a game i would like to do one is a sword fighting game from the first person perspective how the bushido blade series played out. The other is a tps co-op/competetive game Like Kane & Lynch 2 cops and robbers mode with a twist. this is bushido blade and this is kane and lynch So far I have only completed this years Merry Fragmas so I know I have alot to learn. Just want to get peoples advice on which one i should Actually attempt to do in terms of ease. I do have detailed Design Documents on both games cause i have been designing games in my head for like 12 years and writing the designs down for about 5. I am a intermediate programmer in c++ and java and so far making the transition to c# hasnt beed difficult. Any and all input would be appreciated
  5. Just introducing myself I am from the U.S. My first game system was Atari 2600 back in 1985 with my first game being jungle hunt. My 4 favorite games ever are River City Ransom for NES. Shadowrun for Sega Genesis. Bushido Blade for Ps1. Ghost Recon Future Soldier for PS3. I have always wanted to make games and it seems like it has gotten a lot easier so I plan on making a game that I want to play just because it seems like almost every game that I have played is always missing something.
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