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  1. yeah but the game is going to just be on itch.io and some other small websites im not going for steam
  2. i might add one or two or maybe three i dont expect very many people to buy the game
  3. Battlefield is multiple maps. and has long loading times.
  4. No loading screens
  5. One giant war. just one server on a giant map of afghanistan. Not like arma where you constantly switch between servers there are going to be approximately 300 USMC outposts and 600 terrorist compunds Compounds and bases are basically checkpoints that can be captured by the other team once either afghanistan has been liberated or has been destroyed by the terrorists.
  6. Update- The game is now called Operation Enduring Freedom as that was the codename for the afghan war and not just one operation.
  7. My game will be unique in that everything in the game will be done by in-game players Airdrops,Airstrikes,CAS,and ranks are only meaningful in that it shows how long you've played the game there will be no AI in the game whatsoever so terrorists will be played again by actual players its pretty much a giant mil-sim
  8. https://gyazo.com/b0ddfde506add83e63b4282736c86617
  9. Sorry I didn't know where i should post this and i just haven't had the time to post any screenshots on gyazo
  10. Me and 6 other people are making a game called Operation Archer(An Operation Carried out in Afghanistan) All guns in the game will be similar to their real life counter parts and all guns will be guns that were actually in service from 2001-2010. There will be Vehicles from Helicopters to Tanks To Jeeps To Planes. The Maps will be real life locations in Afghanistan. The game will be multiplayer and will have 4 factions the PKK the Taliban the Russians and Last but certainly not least NATO.
  11. Can you use scripts like WeaponSway and WeaponBobbing while using this script?
  12. Thank you for being an honest person I respect people like you.
  13. Is it true that the guns and textures were all ripped from call of duty? All of people in the youtube comments seem to think so. Im not saying they are just pointing out that other people are saying they are.
  14. Is it possible to make this work with a animation playing on the same object?
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