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  1. Much graphic changes with Unity 5 I add now also some buildings where you can walk in ^^ In there you can trade weapons, camos and more.....
  2. Looks for the beginning good Don't give up like me xD
  3. Sooo hopefully this is ok If yes I will work for new features! Ideas are welcome Fixed the problem with the player layer (Thx paccione) Removed Color Correction and changed the Vignetting I will work on the player movement next ^^
  4. Hey I need some help with the Player layer. The weapon layer show shadows but the player layer not! How can I change this?
  5. The first mode is like COD Zombies And there is an open survival mode ^^ Need some ideas And I am not a scripter ^^
  6. Ok thanks I will look to remove the 2 image effects ^^
  7. Thx I will look to get the best brightness
  8. I have only 3 image effects: Fast Bloom, Vignetting and Color Correction
  9. 2 new pictures for my game The End of the World - Added new Shaders for the weapons, terrain and the street - Added Color correction (is it ok??) I added more but I need to fix some bugs! Soo it will come later. Pics:
  10. It is very buggy my char is only running and I go higher and lower in a loop.
  11. Sorry for the long long time with no answer but I hope you can help me to fix this problem Here is a video: http://www.vidup.de/v/UXbpo/ On the left sight all works but right is a problem!
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