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  1. how are you going to split a $10 game for $2-3 each between a team of 4+ after valve takes 25%, paypal takes 15% and the tax man takes 20%... wheres the money left for continued development? think you need to work on your math...
  2. My EP

  3. My EP

    Thanks man and yeah it is me, I changed my name coz I felt it was better suited to the style of music im going for the tracks are gonna be on apple music, spotify etc on friday
  4. My EP

    I just released my latest song, if your into progressive house you might enjoy it https://zyrex.bandcamp.com/track/discovery
  5. 3D Freelancer Jobs

    https://www.upwork.com/ is by far the best in terms of massive client database but competition is very,very high https://fiverr.com is quite alright for cheap work and considering it now allows projects over $5 you have the ability and protection to create projects for more

    just a heads up, to remotely shut down someones computer *without their permission* is also illegal in many jurisdictions, I know for a fact it is here in the U.K, classes as cyber vandalism under the computer misuse act, so if you intend on using this in a distributed game, might want to think again, or spam your viewers with disclosures (which would defeat the point of doing it) it would be better to play a video instead that acts as if its logging off and like screen cracks etc
  7. Multiplayer Survival RPG Kit

    try reimporting all assets if that doesnt work just roll back your unity version for a bit its only an error in that version I just went back one update and my photon works
  8. Anyone seen the assassins creed film? im not sure if its worth watching, this was the only positive review I could find: http://moviegovenor.com/2017/01/14/assassins-creed/
  9. Wait For Player To Accept Friend Request

    a simpler analaogy is it would work the same way as activating an account via email, attach two ID, 0 for inactive, 1 for active then set other permissions to coincide with that ID, same premise rather than waiting for an activation its a confirmation NB: Im not a programmer, I dabble with html but im sure this should be correct, if not aplogies im still learning ahah
  10. Greetings :)

    Hi! I'm QNTM (pronounced quantum) an electronic music producer. Below is one of my latest works, I am extremely interested in game development and am available to work on any projects with my responsibilities ranging from OST production, to SFX creation to voice acting, so give me a holla if you have any exciting projects and give my remix a listen and pass on some feedback. Thanks and See you all soon!