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  1. The tnt and dirt in the play store screenshots look very similar, maybe not the same textures but definitely made to look like them.
  2. So its Subway Surfers with stolen minecraft textures.
  3. @jesusisafriendof is a really good example.
  4. It could be good for a horror game, but if you have unsaved files open in the background this would be really bad.
  5. Singleplayer cheats are fun, not the external ones, but messing with the developer console on VALVe and Bethesda games is super fun.
  6. I'm using windows 10, but I tried playing the game on fastest quality and it fixed the crashes, i guess my PC specs are just too low for the game.
  7. Fun game, but most of the time when I click on a button on the clipboard the game crashes for some reason.
  8. Pretty obvious, that AK-12 is in pretty much every unity fps project.