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  1. sadman2007


    Im sorry but It seems I cant do anything for a while. Im on my ipod right now because my laptop that I've been using just decided to die on me. At the least I can get rid of the old XP laptop I've been using and upgrade. Sorry
  2. sadman2007


    Ok so I now know the first thing people want in the guide. I should be posting the first part tomorrow explaining how to import/export, add new guns and some general things with the kit.
  3. sadman2007

    Thanks Oma

    Dont worry, while I am working on another project I am also doing a complete guide for the kit. I'm just wondering since you are a great member what do you think I should include in the guide?
  4. Ill try to fix this up if I have the time but life and my the project im on now is taking up my time. If anyone wants to they can try fixing it and uploading the file somewhere.
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/?d6vcq8upy955ckc Sorry for the wait I forgot about your request and had the tank lying around on my hard drive doing nothing the entire time, sorry for the wait.
  6. DJG2011 Im working on that now. It should be ready in 1-2 days.
  7. Keep Designing on Paper - Keep a notebook and a sketchbook to draw and write your ideas. A blank piece of paper will not limit your imagination. When you try to transfer this to the game you will be forced to learn new skills and get the maximum out of the game software. You should also keep this notebook with you when you play other peoples games. Not to copy, but to analyze what happens and to write down your own original ideas that come from playing. Think about the atmosphere and mood - Games are more than just fighting creatures and discovering treasures. The most important part of a game is the overall atmosphere. Keep this in mind. Consider what the overall mood of your game will be. Use music as an inspiration to get you in different moods. Be careful with rewards -- One hundred tiny rewards are generally better than one big one. The constant seeking of the next tiny reward keeps the player moving forward and keeps a goal ahead of him that is achievable. Don't design your game linear --Today's games are designed with the individual player in mind and this means choice. Different players like to follow different routes through a game. Some like to hack and slash, others like to follow quests and others prefer the interaction with non player characters. Add all these elements in your game to give your player lots of interesting options. Expand your horizons -- Pick up art books that don't normally appeal to you. Look into areas and subjects that aren't on your normal list. This is a great way to get new ideas and to add new dimensions to your existing material. What could a book about porcupines teach you about video game making? Porcupines have an amazing defense system. Could this be incorporated into your game somehow? This goes for almost anything. Any subject at all from psychology, to sociology, or zoology are great resources to add depth to your game. Don't be afraid to make mistakes - Mistakes sometimes pay off in big ways. This is one of the ways you can think outside the box. If you are afraid of making mistakes you will not experiment of expand your abilities. If you are designing a desert scene don't be afraid to put a swimming pool right in the middle of it! Take chances. Sometimes really good ideas and really memorable scenes come from the mistakes. Finally make sure you get honest feedback from friends and people who try playing your game. And take notes. When you are designing a game you get too close to it. You know everything that happens and you know where everything so you understand innately how to play. You have to remember that your player will have no idea what is around the next corner and you have to design for that. Source http://www.stormthecastle.com/mainpages ... design.htm
  8. LoL I was about to post this lol. Good Find though cuz this is a hidden gem. It took me a while to find it
  9. sadly all I achieved was the character movements and terrain as I was still writing(atleast trying to write) the scripts that I would need later on.
  10. Hey everyone! If you want to make your own hack and slash RPG then I suggest watching all the tutorials from BurgZergArcade on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/BurgZergArcade . Currently there are 212 tutorial videos all about how to make a hack and slash rpg (third Person) AND make it multiplayer. Good luck and have fun with your project! VIDEO LINKS!
  11. Just a little update on my project. The FPS project has been scrapped because I don't know enough about Javascript to continue so all I'll be doing is messing with unity yet again.
  12. I am now busy working on a new game with a team so I do not have the time to do this. When the work we have cut for us is getting easier I will reopen.
  13. sadman2007

    Or you can ask me on my modelling service!
  14. Isn't FPSC the First Person Shooter Creator? How are you supposed to use it in unity?
  15. sadman2007

    Steyr Aug

    Its a pretty simple model. There are 811 polygons in it which is really low! (for those that dont know what it means basically 20 000 polygons is low for detailed models so 811 is extremely low. The average for detailed models is 75 000 polygons and 500 000 for really detailed models)
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