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  1. Glitch Effect

    Wow! That's amazing! Thanks for that!
  2. Another Glitch FX

    What does this do? Could someone please put up a picture somewhere showing what it does?
  3. What's Your Favourite Song?

    Hey! As you probably guessed, I want to know what your favourite song is! I'll go first... My favorite song is called Unity by TheFatRat. Yes, really.
  4. What's Up Fellow Unity Users!

    Thanks again! Quill is good! I've already learned a bit from Quill. Useful Tuber.
  5. GTA project Android

    Also, the punch button needs to be lower down, not at the top of the page.
  6. Does anyone else have this glitch?

    Does anyone else have this glitch? The red-yellow-green-blue stuff on the material is being projected by the Unity 5 and Unity 2017 default skybox. If you know what's happening and how to fix it, please let me know. And yes, I have re-installed Unity. Just saying that before someone does.
  7. GTA project Android

    Looks good so far! Though I would reccomend working on trying to get higher-quailty buildings with a lo-poly count.
  8. Hello

    Hello! Welcome! And yes, I would like to test your game. Sounds great? But FPS MMO? How does that fit together, although it's not really my place to point out weird combos, since I'm the guy who made an action-arcade-shooter-racer-with-some-MMO-mechanics. Went down well at my school! Sold 40 copies...
  9. Need Demonic Horse

    Just looked again. Pre-rigged! Awesome!
  10. Need Demonic Horse

    Bro, you're amazing. It looks great. Will rig and animate it. Thanks again.
  11. Myne MMO Project

    First of all, use something other than your phone. Second, looks like a good kit. Will get.
  12. Playfab and gamesparks

    What is Playfab and what is Gamesparks? Could someone please post a short description of them?
  13. Game Idea

    Already started this idea for a project. But you managed to give me the time limit for how long you get to collect parts. Thanks man.
  14. Need Demonic Horse

    YES!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I was in a really bad mood, but I saw this and I'm less annoyed now! You're amazing! I probably sound like I'm sucking up don't I?!?!
  15. What's Up Fellow Unity Users!

    Thanks, man. I'm not being sarcastic btw. Genuine thanks. Do you know any good websites to help with learning C#?