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  1. I freaked out thinking how to do vaulting/parkour except for fake camera animation from the first-person view. Actually, I'm looking for making dynamic parkour system. Can anyone help me telling the proper way for parkour system? Thanks in advance.
  2. [Paid] Looking for an FPS Animator. Animation : 1.IDLE 2. Fire 3. Attack (For Meele.More than 1 type) 4. Take In 5. Run 6. Walk Weapons : - Axe - Katana - Machete - Glock - 17 - Bd-08 - M500 - RangeMaster .308 - M4A1 - Tar-21
  3. Yeah, I translated on Google and it says so. xD
  4. Sorry, I didn't presume your words. I only understand English and Bengali.
  5. Price : 15 USD Version : 1.0 This asset is a great starting point to develop your own Agar.io type games.An easy way to create the best, innovative and new Agar.io games in Unity! FEATURES:- - Random sprite picture (Selected from list) - Random Food Colors - Set the Data for Direction and Force via RPC - Better Food Colliders - Better Menus - Implemented grid with unlimited ending for clients - Implemented room settings - Implemented room joining via CODE clients get in game by pressing [TAB] then "COPY" - Better spawning - Returning with menu IDs - Added new skins all set to resolution 225,225 - Splitting over network (Splits follow player) - Camera Zoom with the size of the player divided by 3 (/3) - Merging Over network - Implemented Kicking Players. - Implemted chat system with client connect and disconnect messages - Implemented login and register system - Implemented coins to SQL you can now pickup money in game and saves instantly to your account -Clean and Tidy, Well commented -Easy to Customize and make your dream Agar.io Games * -Life Time Support for Legal Buyers Things Included:- - Demo Scenes - Camera, GamePlay,Network and Player Scripts - All Prefabs - Some Materials - Some Skins This is not a visual scripting framework! You need to know how to program in C# in order to use and further customize! For Support Go Here [ http://ebforum.esy.es/ ] The illegal download will not receive any support . Any project created with an illegal copy of this asset will be reported. Showcase Video : Buy Here
  6. Hey there, is there any way in unity (Android) to have some code running in the background while you are not using the game?
  7. okay..i fixed it.. IEnumerator Reload() { canInput = false; _Anim.SetBool("reload", true); _as.PlayOneShot(shotgunReload); bulletLeft++; yield return new WaitForSecondsRealtime(reloadAnimTime); _Anim.SetBool("reload", false); bulletCount.text = bulletLeft.ToString(); canInput = true; if (bulletLeft < clipSize && !isReloadBreaked ) { StartCoroutine(Reload()); } }
  8. Hey there, im facing a problem. In my shotgun script,how can i implant Progressive Reload ? Regards.
  9. Hey there, Do you want to make an option to add photo from mobile or pc ( something like browse)!! but dont know the easy way? Here is the solution! Easy Way,Easy to Implant! DON"T FORGET TO LEAVE A LIKE,SUBSCRIBE! OcularCash Edit: Only works in the unity editor, not in builds
  10. Srejon_Khan

    Aim sysytem

    Use Lerp for smoothing...And for Rotation that might help you : !
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