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  1. Hey there, is there any way in unity (Android) to have some code running in the background while you are not using the game?
  2. how can i do progressive reload in Unity C#

    okay..i fixed it.. IEnumerator Reload() { canInput = false; _Anim.SetBool("reload", true); _as.PlayOneShot(shotgunReload); bulletLeft++; yield return new WaitForSecondsRealtime(reloadAnimTime); _Anim.SetBool("reload", false); bulletCount.text = bulletLeft.ToString(); canInput = true; if (bulletLeft < clipSize && !isReloadBreaked ) { StartCoroutine(Reload()); } }
  3. Hey there, im facing a problem. In my shotgun script,how can i implant Progressive Reload ? Regards.
  4. How To make File Explorer in Unity [Easy Way]

    Ohh..Really, I didn't ever try in Build! Thanks
  5. Hey there, Do you want to make an option to add photo from mobile or pc ( something like browse)!! but dont know the easy way? Here is the solution! Easy Way,Easy to Implant! DON"T FORGET TO LEAVE A LIKE,SUBSCRIBE! OcularCash Edit: Only works in the unity editor, not in builds
  6. Aim sysytem

  7. Aim sysytem

    Use Lerp for smoothing...And for Rotation that might help you : !
  8. How to add C4

    Hi,How can i add c4 system for FPS? Can anyone give me code or anything?
  9. Clan System for Multiplayer FPS Games

    Hi, How can i add Clan system in a Multiplayer fps games(Photon)?
  10. How to make a Mission!

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to make mission system on a FPS Games!Mean, when the game starts, give some objective to Player.When Complate all objective, Mission completed and Change the scene! Or, Suggest me a plugin, kit or anything like this! TIA!
  11. Need a Game Designer

    HEy,I (Behalf of Electronic Brain) need a game designer for Make a story based racing game.Who will help us to make gameplay(not Main Work Like making car),Just help to make gameplay. We will also support him. If you think you are the person we are looking for please send me a message with your pricing. And if you think you will help us for free,it will be grateful. {Sorry For my english.Im suck at english.}