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    quit nice, i allso found way, i use transparent specular, and add a normal map on rgb, no other texture need, so u just taken a similar to ground texture as normal, and its looks like dirty window, if u found good texture as i did, u can get wery realistic result

  2. hello, i wanna to know, if i make car models whic is exist in the real worls, like porche, nissan and etc, can i use it in my game? for comercial and non comercial pojacts? even if i dont add any brand or logo on them, for example, mazda rx8 with no mazda or "rx-8" logo.

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    I understand thanks :) just dont know what shaders i need to use. My idea is to make transparent jpg and ad it on paralax specular or reflective specular, but i not sure about result. Can u post screenshot of ur result of ur way andat gimp image? u allso can make tutorial, npblike my would be hellpful

  4. thats good to know. i was found road modrls which is non comercisl use, about my self i cant make those for myself cuz i still workink with blender. what if i just change textures and wuale, do someone notice? and if i just acident will use building modrl or sound or texture which is non comercial, what posibility tu someone like author will notice if there bunch of similar

  5. i had face a problem with mesh colider when i add rigidbody. badicaly take 2 diferent obijscts, ad on both medh coliders and rigitbody's and one went down and other stay still, first i think that problem is with ground, but if i take more diferent obijacts like a tire, barrell, wheel and similars, some of them fall doen by 1 layer of plane, other falls by 2 layers of planed, other stand still. then i move one obijact somewhere ehich falls down, and in diferent location its stands. i move other ibijact in same location but ssmr fsls down. ehat is thus? with character controler all is ok

  6. hi. i recently saw assets and packages which in essets store are payd. these assets one person giwing away to download. wer if someone download and use for the game and sell it he probably will be sued? how domeone can sue he, how these assets author can prove tha he didnt bought it if person who downloaded it for ftee lieing that he bought. i think if u bought noone can tell that u bought realy, same with free downloading

  7. hello, i've found one atinky problem. i using oma fps kit v3 and i need save the game. i allso found save and load script which is liad the xyz position, still didnt tried but its probably load with starting veapons, not those which u taked. the main problem is that if u make 2 scenes like a levels, and u save in 2 level but load from 1level u just be mooved to xyz not in another levell. so i found solution. all levels make in one single scene as pefabs. then in sceneviev disable all except lvl1 and when u are moving in lvl2 just channge player xyz and disable lvl1 + enable lvl2 and play image while everything is procesing, i mean disabling and enabling. so may someone knows how to do it, pieced of tutorials. or knows better way ,if somelne found they solution may share script ans bow to set it up.

  8. hi im not sure what is sun chaft or whatewer but if u want make a sun crete.point or directional light, put it wherr yu want be sun and atack on it godrays or lens flare script. or ad halo on it.

  9. thanks for your hellp. isle demo u can find in older unity version :) allso i found one package which is contains these assets or atleast simmiliar, allso another which is contains buncs hof right plans, i mean bunch. but one problem that when i import it its get something like this DX11 ont works with motionblur.js so i not inport any pro only images effets and get jus yallow compile errors, something about buggy and simmilar. this is wery bad for around 10 of these yalllow errors? sorry for gramathic errors, bad english and lagy.phone on which im now

  10. I get some trees abd plants in terrain assets. But when iadd them in to scene, thei doesnt have colliders, so i allso get other pack with some trees, they allso doesnt hawe coliders. What to do to gett coliders on them

  11. I was hawing same problem but solved it like so,make a obijact prefab, then pres one time on it and where u ser prefab option just mark on generate mesh colider and apply it. Then drag and drop prefab in sceneview

  12. Hello. I trying to make trophicall jungles for my game but cant finnd free modrls or terrain assets for it. All models i found need to retexture, but a dont know how to do that. Tried lots of times and no luck. So affter my searches i found bambbo which is werry good. Allso there are in that terrain assets pack some bushes and trees, but not for jungles. I need pallms or something :) so off someone knows where to get what i need tell my, btw i dont hawe money to buy anything :)

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