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  1. hello, i am making map for my game, and all models i make is with google skechup pro, models is quit good, just a quastion, can i sell it in unity assets store? and can person sell them if there would be a problem with activation code which is payd and person who selling these models is get that code from web?



    so if i can sell those models, i need use my own textures or those which u get with skechup? i atach 1 photo and also link to some more photos zip Please login or register to see this link.

    Please login or register to see this attachment.

  2. hi, i want make obijact floating water, idea is to make script whick make les gravity, so its looks like undervater jumping or similar effect. somebody hawe such script? may other techniquas, but keep in mind that im still a litle nob in unity :P

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      :) my game is similar like farcry 3, so i think i enoyght this version for now :),  but i know idea, may u like it, its a shop in a map, like a big box where u can buy weapons/bullets , or spawn vehistles and moeny u can find it in map or players drop on the ground,, u just take it. and fix gui element positions, now car speed is litle bit on server status :) for that server conection, could it be for exporting and importing package? i had export it as package to demo isle, then everything f*cked up, the in from fps 1.2 folder i move "ProjectSettings" in isle demo folder, and it fexed everything except conection to master server, but builded version vorx, just like singlepalyer

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    sorry, now i understand, so there allready are master server, but if i not change list name, and i see other peoples servers, how about maps, do they will be  download, or u cant conect to other peoples diferent versions servers. btw "Failed to connect to master server at" i get this, not sure how to fix

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    so im not sure, if i want make it in www, i add it to dropbox Please login or register to see this link. for testing multiplayer, what i want to ask, fps kit pm 0.3 fully works on vps, or on all servers? can i just change masterserver on dropbox?

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    ure using oma kit mp 0.3? cuz i go same error. i just export that kit in to trophical paradise projact, i can play bu sometimes game goes in puse and get that compile error

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    thats good news, do the new one fps v0.3 hawe master server? basicaly i dont know so much about multiplayer games so... in fps i saw that sometimes game goes (not builded) in puse and get compile eror that cant login in master server "ip numbers", but its probbably cause i export it as package to another projact for the map...

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    hi, yas i want to build my game for unity web play, not in exe, and its should look like Please login or register to see this link. but in my own host like vps. that players can play it in they web browser like playing runescape :d. i saw that other peoples ading theyr exaple projacts in web, but they not multiplayer but singleplayer, so my game is based on oma kit multiplayer v0.3, and i using indie unity version. i saw that with indie i can build it in 2 html and unity3d files, so its would be best idea to add it in web, not to play it via steam or hamachi, couse not everyone knows how to run game in such way. basicaly do its works on such servers like lhosting.info or Please login or register to see this link. , or game works just on vps servers

  9. hi, i download isle demo with old unity, then reinstall back unity4 and trying import that demo in unity 4, i fix all compile errors, import package, drag my made island prefab in my scene view, so game is working, but terain is like emty game obijact., i see water but no monintains with textures, allso cant eddit obijact called terrain, its hawe all terain tools, but u can press on any button of them, all other objact like brodges, stones, temple ruins is standing like its should, be. i export package with marked impendences on it. what i did wrong?

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    basicaly html css and all other is easy to me, i can do everything with notepad, but i need server url who allow my to host unity webplay for free, for facebook, i read that u can embed unity game from your host, but not sure about addobe plug in if embeding techniqua

  11. hello, i wand free serwer where i can put my web play game :) i hawe expeiance in web deweloping with simmilar engines like datalife engine, joombla, and similar. so its just for info. game i making is based on that oma fps kit remaded in multiplayer. i know congregate, but not sure how to add game there. may there are simple servers who suport unity or any other web pages like congregte. or i can add that game in facebook somehow :)

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