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  1. arwe2793

    mobile shader

    hello, is somebody know mobile shader that could reflect cubemap or atleast texture ? i fouund this http://vk.com/drracing?z=photo-56314981_320546198%2Falbum-56314981_00%2Frev but i dont understand language in site and shaders look fnatastic, :0
  2. thank you is bad i dont have iphone my budget is wery small, at zero limit is it truethat put app in android store cost 99$?
  3. hello, i am working on android game for my own fun, making my own assets, optimizing them for mobile devices i allready have working scene and its look wery nice...later this week i will post apk and ask your opinion but anyway i need hellp, is there are anyone who sumbited theyr app in google store and allready earned cash? if so can you provide my link to you app and how much you earned total and monthly you see i thinking to add my game to store allso (if it will be good enought) and want to know is it worth. :PPP thank you this is screen capture of xperia ray with adreno 205 gpu, and game still smoothly run on xperia j with adreno 200gpu (worth to mention that on that xperia j temple run is fu**ing laggy ) the map is much bigger btw and in other apk i using directional light and bump map for car and its still smooth sorry for my bad english, its not my native language
  4. arwe2793

    unity assets beta

    hello is there somebody tested http://blogs.unity3d.com/2014/01/17/new-sample-assets-beta/ ? the probles is that car doesnt have hydroulic, suspension, how to get working spring and damper on wheel coliders script in new assets car? http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/3663/99510424.png
  5. oh ok, i just wanna ask is such things consume resourcses, and how much, do i should avoid something.
  6. 1. is there limitation of rendered obijact in scene? like 1k obijact with less than - let say 10k triangles.? i basicaly moustly using cubes of unity engine to make fast walls, and wery small amount of my modeled .fbx and .obj. 2. is there limitation of textures, like on shader properties i set texture to repeat x:10 and y:10. is this is same performace as x1:, y1? do its render extra 10 times or takes jus more ram? 3. is it consume more resources from your device if you set clor on texture via obijact shader? like i usulay make a stron directional light, then texture in obj are wery bright, so i just set color on darker in that obj shader menu
  7. hello, i just saw such thing as a VBO, for now as i understand its obijact that comes from unity engine, gameobijact/create new/cube,sphere... may someone could explain more about that and what is limitation on mobile? i concentrating on mobile with adreno 205 gpu and similar, like xperia ray,play,neo,arc,arc s
  8. i am using free indie version of unity,
  9. i haw a scene and wanna make something simmilar to occulusion culling. i have attacked a cube trigger on player and want to disable each obj that comes in trigger. tried to write a script but didint succed. may any idea or suggestion how to do that? my ide is to attack script on obj which set that obj to disable when comes on cartain trigger. ///this is fast lazy example what i need var cubbetriger : GameObjact; // the trigger function update{ if (GameObijact = onCubeTiggerEner){ // if Game obijact that script attacked to comes on CubeTrigger GameObjact.disabled = true; //will be diabled } i know code is wrong and noone do like that, but this is just main idea what i wanna to do, i just learning programming btw. allso i write in red colour what i need to. there is bunch of obj in scene and i dont want to set each individualy to disable. like in this code var objectToBeDestroyed : GameObject; function OnTriggerEnter(collider : Collider){ //place your logic here Destroy(objectToBeDestroyed); } sory for mess in this text, my english not allways wery good
  10. yas exacly, and yas boost speed. but as i sayd, cant manipulate othe scripts values, and cant implement new grawity if old one need to be in false. :/
  11. srry for bad english. anyway, my writing script should move obj when i press a button to direction he facing to. one problem he allready mowing, i need to boost gravity to direction he move. i cant just change value of its speed when a buton pressed, plan not like this, cand editg any value inside other scripts. so i need gravity or some similar code which work like this thank you.
  12. hello, i wanna ask like what texture i should use to achieve similar reflction like in nfs mw 2005 or nfs world online (which was made with unity). i tried bunch of textues but didnt get any closer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvdYbmPaWd8 this is for example, but i dont want real time reflection by the way. thank you
  13. how to acces war from one script from other, when they written in different languages, i wrote script in js and need to access MaxTorque from cs. i using script of CarController.cs from new assets package by unity. thank you
  14. is there any way to manipulate shaders while gaming? i trying to make car paint and player can choose shader and edit some of the atributes, like color, shinenes and similar, what code i should use, thank you
  15. i using andrew gotow car script
  16. wait ok, how egzacly to do that :-D sorry for dumb quastion, i started to learn programing about 2weeks ago is it code in my js script or something to do in inspector?
  17. hello, my car top speed is to slow. i tried to lower the weight of i , then increase engine torque, but nothing hellped, increased just acceleration, any sugestions?
  18. arwe2793

    draw calls?

    hello, i dont know wery much about draw calls yat, but have quastion, is it posible to repeat one model a lot of times in your scene but hawe just one draw, i meam its would ae rendered in y,x,y = 0 position once, then somewhere diferent place reapeated without extra performance concuption, like keep in memory or somehow. my goal is to make city map on mobile device. but i cant use as much obijacts i want, may occulision culing, but i have indie version of unity
  19. arwe2793

    rubberish mesh?

    is it possible to make as exampe stock unity cube obj ruberish, like when something hit to it its deform and deform back (collider allso ), what i wana to do is. : www.landstore.lt/image/cache/data/parts_pics/engine%20parts/V8%20petrol/ERR4628-voztuvo-spyruokle-v8-pruzyna-klapana-v8-valve-spring-v8-350x350.jpg just experment with unity physics. i need to make it realistic behavior any idea?
  20. hello, i wanna ask how performance drain particle effects, how much particles in one effect i should use on android device with adreno 205gpu, if i good know it has 128mb of gpu ram, just like xperia play, ray, neo v and other hawe adreno 205 gpu's
  21. yas, i had this way and cam reach my desire 60fov smoothly, but it didnt go back. as i get it couses : if (fov code >= 50 && nosboost == false){ but its seems right to my, btw i writing this with static var : nosboost = false; in car script, and in camera script if (carscript.nosboost = true){ ...
  22. thanks, its worked now nitro is almost perfect, i hawe one more qastiom, i using camera field of view = 1 * time.delta time. how to set grow limit to 60? then fov -= 1 * time.delta time (when nos ended) set grow limit to 50? thats make smoth fade in and fade out. i tried few ways, but none of them worked corecly. btw, sory for gramar, i am on phone right now
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